Sunday, August 2, 2009


I just love that cute face! I mean who could resist that lil nose and cute eyes?
Jason and Robert are working today for a few hours. Megan is sleeping and I am sad. I am not sure what happened it just came over me. I want to sit down and cry. I was fine the morning and then boom!
The heat wave has passed AMEN! I am sorry but I am not used to 108* in Washington. I love to have all the windows and front and back doors open with a lovely breeze flowing through. No a/c running, no heater running just the wind.
Saturday night I took a package of frozen burritos and laid them in my 10X13 glass pan along with left over rice. I then added a can of green enchilada sauce, olives, and cheese. I baked it at 350* for about an hour or so. Talk about yummers! I added a dollop of sour cream to my serving and enjoyed.
Friday night I made pot stickers, rice, and Chung King Chicken Chow Mien. I was not as happy with the pot sticker sauce this time. It did not really have much of a taste. Hubby had me put the chow mien over his rice and then I tried it that way as well. It really was good. I even got the chow mien on clearance at Target for $2.30. The rice was $2.00 for the 2 packages I used. I paid $5.99 for the pot stickers but only used 1/4 of the package so it was $1.50 worth of cost. Dinner was $5.80 for hubby and me with left overs the next morning for hubby, and the rice for dinner that night! Talk about frugal!
I am going to make a carrot cake in a little bit. Yes it is from a box just because that is what I have here to use up. I am going to start baking cakes from scratch when all the packages of cake mix are gone. I will shred carrots so the cake is healthier! I am also going to make cheese sticks today, as well as zucchini bread made with yellow squash! I am in a cooking mode in case you could not tell.
I am not sure what I will make for dinner as of yet. It is funny how cooking nice meals at home makes a much happier hubby! He even made French Toast for us all the morning. It was a fair trade being I had the duty of a nasty poopy diaper to change! I think I might just do hotdogs today. It will be simple and easy to do. I can make home made macaroni and cheese to go with it even. Hey I now have dinner planned!

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