Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday!

OK after thinking I was going to sleep in I braved the crowds! I left my hose at 3:30 and was in the mall parking lot at 3:45. Wait what is this there is no line outside JCPenny's? Did I get y opening times wrong? Am I not going to get my snow globe? NooooooOOOOOooo!!! I asked and they said they opened up at 3:30 being as there was such a crwod outside. Oh my how people did complain when they heard that. Why complain I mean you got the snow globe,the lines were short, nothing was out of stock that I could tell, they had lots of help out on the floor....  I walked right into to JCPenny's and got my snow globe and did some shopping. I bought Megan two pairs of leggings and two adorable sweaters there. I also got two snowglobes by being a bit sneaky.  
I then decided to brave Target. There was a puffer vest I wanted for Megan and some DVD's on sale. I was able to get a load of DVD's that I wanted and Megan a vest and me a matching vest!
I also found a cell phone charger to use in the house that is a 9 volt car converted charger. Basically it is an adapter that you plug into the house socket and then use your car charger to charge the cell. We are down to one house charger here now thanks to Robert breaking two of our's for whatever reason. Jason has the third charger with him in WV.
I was in line for oh my who knows how long there. It was a total mad house and they had the worst assistance on the floor. No one knew where the line ended at nor was willing to help find it. I literally asked like 5 employees and they all said they didn't know that they were working on it. OK then move and find out where! I did have fun talking to the ladies in line there. I was giggling at some that were freaking out and getting mad at the lines and shoppers. OK I get the giggles it is not a good thing. :)
I saw that there was a Staples in the same parking lot and headed over there. I stood in line for an hour just to buy a new Norton 360 for the computers at home. After my rebate it will cost me $9.99. I admit I had a blast in line there. It is easy to stand in line when everyone is joking and friendly. I talked to a lady about Megan and her special needs, she also talked about her son with special needs and her BIL. The couple behind us just bought a new house and were getting stuff for the house today.
I then was on my way to Starbucks for my caffine fix and as I was paying Robert called to see where I was. I said on my way home and he said cool that he and Megan had just got up. Shoot and I was wanting to sneakl in a long nap! I got hone and watched Santa Paws *it is adorable*! I kept falling asleep on the last 10 mintes so when it was over and a new movie was started I told Robert he needed to watch Megan while the DVD was on and I had to take a short nap. His gf and her sister were over so it was nice to have three sets of eyes on Megan. Oh blessed naps how I do adore them!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Win a Boarders gift card!

The following is one of the blogs I read. If you go to her site and foow the direction you might win a gift certificate! She has great money sdaving ideas to boot!!!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bargains from Safeway

I bought three of these on clearance for $3.50 each. The regular retail price for thee at my local Safeway is $12.99. I will bake one tonight or dinner and see how good it is.

I bought 12 of these on clearance for $1.00 each. They are a nice option for a healthier lunch when you want to avoid fast food. I looked but could not find any coupons on this product.
I bought six of these on clearance for $1.00 each. I did not have any of coupons to use on them but it was a great price!
I did not get ths today at Safeway. I did buy it yesterday at Goodwill off Meredian in Puyallup. It was $3.99  and still had the tag from Ross on it. The Ross price was $9.99 and the *retail* price that Ross said was the other stores price was $20.00. I usually will not pay that much for a stocking from Goodwill but it is a FLAMINGO! I mean how perfect is that for me? Now I just have to find me a leopard stocking!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Life Always is Interesting and Changing

I really am not sure how to word this. The two brothers I have been watching have been put into protective custody as of Friday. Two cops and a CPS worker came to my house and took Mathias away. The Mom is still trying to get answers and find out what happened. SHe is not being told much and has been getting the run around from CPS and the Orting Cops. I have stated in other blogs how the older brother tells stories that grow and grow I believe so you will know what I mean. I wont go into specifics but worse case senerio if the Mom had grabbed the boy and brusied his arm and had kicked him out of the house for a while they need to find out why she did. I even know for a fact that he was not outside all night being as his brother told em the whole story before all this went down. I asked oh did he stay outside all night and Mathias said no he came back a little bit later I think he went to a neighbors house. Zekiah had pushed Mathias's head into a bookcase and would not settle down is when the Mom finally said to go outside until you can behave. The older boy also recorded the mom yelling at him when she was fed up and that is what they are basing teir information on. No one has come to talk to me yet about what I know even. They hve notg even contacted the other CPS worker that out the other day and TOLD me that Zekiah does embelish his stories from moment to moment that is did grow in details even when he told him the same story it changed a lt to get more *interesting*.
Jason will be leaving to go to WV in 10 days. He will be gone for two weeks so it will be rough on me here. He keeps saying he isn't going being as the boy and I do noget along so I have done everything myself this last week, I did asked the boy today to go check te mail and if he di not want to that was OK I would do it. He went and checked it before I realized it did not run today lol. I want Jason to go hunting and bag me some Bambi meat! I even told the shrink and Jason that I will not say a bad thing against Robert being as Jason needs to go.
OK how do I get over my missing Mathias? I know I was just his *baby sitter* but he was with me five days a week from 10 to 12 hours a day. He is a part of me and I have cried so much over not having him with me. There is no way I could be a foster parent being as I do get attached to kids to easily. So is that good or bad? I am afraid to watch more kids and get attached to them now. I am not like a crazy attached person but they become part of my life and family as much as they were here. Zekiha I am angry with for his lies but I miss him as well and our goofing off time together.
Oh te othr fun thing is we are being audited. I have a ton of paperwork to work on but Jason will have the appointment next Thursday. It is supposed to run about 4 to 5 hours. I have to do the last three years of paperwork for Medical, and for business vehicle useage. Keep us in your prayers that it turns out alright being as a friend did the paperwork for us and I did not understand how it turned out even back then,
Last thing is I have my dental appointment tomorrow at 11:30. I still have some if the infection going so I hope tomorrow he will clear the rest of it up. I hope he is able to finish up the root canal and get the crown mold done and the cap on.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yea yea yippie

OK first of all I hate driving freeways and having to deal with idiotic rude drivers. TYVM for letting me get that off my chest.
I got to my appointment early and was seen early! Amazing!!!!!! The dentist dude was not able to do all he wanted to do being as the infection ws so bad still. *DUH I said it was bad*.
He drilled into te tooth and cleared out some of the infection, shot it full of germie killers and then did a partial root canal. He also sliced parts of my gum to allow the nasty germie to leave. Now let me tell you that stuff smells like cow poop. It was so nasty. THik of how much cow poop is running through my body now. GAG The hygentist even made a *hypothetical* comment. He asked the dentist dude *if a patient swallows a lot of that white stuff from an infection can it make them sick?* GAGGING* Yea that about made me hurl along with the smell of cow poop. Sounds like a lot of pus was oozing out of my gums and such huh?

OK noting much more to say just have a great day/ night all and hoping I am better tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spoke to soon

OK dentist called me today and wants to see me tomorrow at 11. He said there is no reason I should be having pain and any infection left. I said I am glad you called because the infectin is getting worse again. My lips and half my face is swelling again and is all tingly and it is bruising now. So I go tomorrow at 11. He will drill a hole in my tooth to relieve the pent up pressure and clear out the infection best he can. If possible he will do the root canal and crown prep as well. So I am off to bed and I promiss to try and catch up on blogs soon. HUGS!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mouth is so much better!

I can open my mouth wider finally! Most of the swelling is gone and no more fever as well. I am still having pain but it is controlled with 3 Aleve.
I got paid today and was given and extra $50 for the 2 overnight stays. I get paid $20 a day for the other boy I watch so it has been nice to have money here. I love having the two boys that are five here being as they love me! They are not mean and hateful to me they give me lovings and hugs and these amazingly beautiful smiles that melt my heart. They do not judge me and call me lazy and fat. They slip up and call me mama half the time. I guess that shows I am doing right by them!!!
I had not asked for the extra money for the over night stays so it was a nice bonus. I also do not expect my friend to pay me for watching her son just enough to fill my tank for picking him up. Believe me when I was hurting and he gave me a hugeeeee hug it made me burst with love for the little booger. Yea it made me get teary but that was because he hit my jaw when it was at its most infected. Oh yea baby that hurt bad. Was so worth the hugs though and the sweet kisses on my cheek to feel better.
Some more good news is SSI is going to be paying more for Megans SSI next month. Right now they are taking out 50% but next month they will just take out 10% to get their back pay. That means we will get around $550 a month in SSI for now on. We have to find out why they are not paying more being as she is now an adult.
I have to get my paperwork notorized and then I can be paid for Megans care as well. I will claim weekend hours being as I am her sole provider on weekends. Oh yea as if Jason would change a diaper or do a med doseage!
I know people say money can not buy happiness but money sure makes life easier and less stressful! I mean today I cashed a check for $800 and had it all in $100 bills. It is MY money. Money that I earned on my own.  Money I do work hard for. It makes me feel proud to be able to earn money and earn it doing something that I love and adore doing.
I wanted to be a mama for as long as I can remember. I wanted to take childhood education when  went to college. My mom said no cause ya will have your own babies and will hate it. Later on in life she realized she was wrong that I was wired to be a caregiver, wired to care for kids. I love watching kids. It is my lifes goal to watch kids and what truly makes me happy.
Now is that sad or what? I mean I went to college for journalism and hated it. I suffered through a year of college just to pacify my parents. In the end I take care of my special needs step daughter and now I am blessed with babysitting. Does anyone else love to watch kids or am I just crazy?