Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do I want this job?

There is a local lady looking for child care for her 3 month old and her 2 1/2 year old. I love those ages! She needs someone from 7 to 4 Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She is not yet sure about Tuesdays or Thursdays. I will possibly be watching a friends boy 2 days a week. I love kids and miss being around them. My only issue is the first lady is just able to pay $20.00 a day. 9 hours of child care for $20.00 for 2 kids? The nice thing is she can bring them to my home. I am home most of the time as it is. So now I have to pray about it and see where God leads me.


  1. Stupid thing wouldn't process my comment the first time!! Let's try this again

    $20 bucks a day for two kids of that age? These are constant hands-on children. There is no way that is enough money for everything this is going to involve, not to mention the pain in the butt this is if you have to go get Megan at school at anytime, two babies in tow. Think long and hard about this woman. I can't see anyone doing childcare for two children of that age for that long of a day for only 20 bucks!!


  2. I had to think long and hard about it and have decided to pass. I was thinking thatr it woiuld be nice to make $60 to $100 a week when I stay at home anyhow.
    I was praying and kept being nudge to say no. I will be able to get paid starting in November for Megans care so I will have money then. I also want to go to Ladies Bible study and that is on Thursdays.
    I am money hungry I guess. I am sick of being broke and having to sell my belongings just to have cash on me. I know I don't need so much *junk* so I will be faithful to selling my stuff off and I will be happy when I have my quiet time.
    Thanks Septy for helping me agree with what my heart and head was telling me!

  3. Wow! that's not much money for so much childcare. I babysit regularly and found I got taken advantage of when I didn't charge very much. Now I charge either $4/hour or $30/day per child. I know it sounds like a lot but my time is valuable. And so is yours.