Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Love, love, love, love, love, love.......... OK deep breathing.............. Relax, let it go, breath.........
OK today has not been my day. I love me! I burnt the ribs to a crisp, Megan dropped a shot glass and it shattered all over the kitchen, I stepped on the shards a few times, chicken in crock pot is not done, hmmm yea just not a productive day.
Tomorrow is a new day and it has to be better.
The sun will come out tomorrow......... *smacking red headed brat upside the head for that damn song*.  :)
I am getting a mani/pedi this week I believe. I need to have pretty nails to cheer me up. If they get them into shape I will keep them up. I want a hot pink color on the toes and fingers. I love fake nails but my nails do not like them they break all the time when I have had them.
I hope to sell an item tomorrow for hubby and that will make him happy and get a huge box out of my way.
I decided not to have a garage sale and I am going to freecycle stuff and then donate what is not taken. I will use the Salvation Army being as I prefer their prices iver Goodwill.
I was supposed to go to lunch with Jo tomorrow but I am not in the mood to go. I am not mad at her just a little hurt not really hurt not sure what the word is. Dissapointed maybe?
We were supposed to go and get our mani./ pedis together this week and instead she went with her neighbor who paid for both of theirs. Yes I understand why she went with her neighbor I would of to but I wanted to have some one get theirs done when I did as well. Am I just being childish? I don't care I am just in a funk.
I went to do Megans last diaper change at 1AM and guess what? She had a poopie diaper and decided to play in it. yea just the way to end a day. So now it is almost 2AM and the warm bath wired her up. She is doing her pacing and has done about 25 laps around the house now. SIGH

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Love Falls by Esther Freud

I think that Esther needs to get a life and stop writing. This story first of all was one long chapter. Seriously you can not make chapters or what? I was disappointed in the ending, the middle, the beginning... I read and kept thinking OK this is going to get better sooner or later. Well yes it got better when I closed the book. How can there be so many characters and we still know nothing about them? Why was Lambert in such a dire rush to get home? What does Lara see in Kip who seems to be such an ass? I am glad that I only paid $1.00 for this book and even then I feel ripped off.

I Love Me

I love me. I needed to hear that someone loves me today so I decided I will tell myself each day that I LOVE ME! repeat after me... I LOVE ME! Yes I love you to!
Still a rough day/ night here with the other half of me but guess what? I will not allow another person to dictate my happiness any longer. If someone has issues with me, my life, what I do or do not do, etc. guess what? They can go fly a kite in a thunder storm!
So any how have you have drank an energy shot and had it knock you out? I had one yesterday and could not stay awake. I mean what the heck is up with that? I took my shot and an hour later I was sound asleep for an hour.
So I am back to making a list of what I need to get done each day. That seems the only way for me to get stuff done. So for the rest of today my list is as follows:

1. Finish the ironing
2. Cut out coupons
3. Organize coupons
4. Vacuum floor
5. Re list stuff on Craigslist
6. Make a grocery list
7. Write up a weekly menu

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Need My Happy Place Back

If someone asked me today if i liked being married I would of said YES! If they asked me that 2 hours ago I would say HELL NO. Sadly I am still thinking WTF did I get married for? How can a person go from being happy and sweet and then turn on a dime and be cussing and mumbling and throwing stuff and kicking stuff?
My stress level is shy high right now. I am angry and just plain out pissed off. I usually am very calm but there comes a point.... Hubby had last weekend off and he did stuff he wanted to nothing to the house inside or outside. He worked Saturday and today he was off.
We went to church and then he asked if I wanted to go out to eat. OK sounds good to me. I ended up paying for lunch being as he left his wallet in the van. WTF? You asked me out why am I paying then? Yes it is our money but lunch came out of my account not his. I offered to pay being as I had a feeling he was going to pull this. Oh well lunch was still fun.
We came home and he started to work on Roberts truck. Hmm where is Robert at? Oh yea screwing off as usual not helping fix own damn truck. Hubby works a few hours and heads back to church for evening service comes home in a bit of a pissy mood and starts to work in Roberts truck again. WTF? Where is Robert at?
Jason finally comes in and realizes the dryer must not be vented due to the heat in the laundry room. WOW talk about all hell breaking loose! Now hubby is cussing, throwing stuff on the floor, kicking stuff, mumbling *which I hate with a fucking passion!*, whining, complaining, etc.
Woe is me no one cares about the house, or the yard or the vehicles or him waaa waaa waaa. I wanted to say grow some balls and be a man and stop the damn PMSing. He kicked a box and just missed hitting me in his temper fit.
OK I need to water my plants. Have not been able to since yesterday and it was just a partial water. Megan had her accident and I had to stop working outside. Robert has been useless here. I needed 15 minutes to do the rest of the watering. Hubby worked on the damn truck today and all last weekend. He spent no time on the house or yard last weekend. He has bitch non stop about having no time. YES he has time he chose to do what he wanted not what needed to be done.
So ask me if I like being married next week and we will see what my answer is.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Best Advice For Surviving The School Year

My best advice for surviving the school year with ease is to stay organized. Keep a list of what needs to be done each day/ week and check it off as you go.

Make sure that your homework is turned in on time! Late work and mis-placed work can really affect your grades and not in a good way.

I am required to disclose that I am entering a contest for a Master Lock back-to-school prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.

Do not forget your locker locks. I still have nightmares over my combinations that I would forget. I remember more then once after school had been in for months my locker combination would go blank in my mind. I had to go to the office and ask for my combination. I was always looked at weirdly as if I was crazy. Well yes I have always been a bit crazy but the new lock that YOU decide the combination to would of been great for me back then!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guess Who I Am?

I love this picture that my Aunt Shelley posted. It is fun to see how happy we all look. Secrets had not been told yet, the skeletons were still in the closet. I had not experienced heart break yet not the loss of family that I adore and love. I knew my relatives by name.

My family is having a family reunion. I have no idea who I will remember without having to be told their names. How sad is that? I grew up with my cousins and usually saw them once a year at the family picnic and at parties at Uncle Brads and Aunt Marilyn's house.

Uncle Brad passed on years ago back in 83? I am checking into the right year and will correct it later when I get it. Aunt Marilyn will be 90 and we are celebrating her birthday at the reunion. I loved their house as well. There were millions of places to play. All of us kids we head outside and climb the fence even the electric one *yes I did get a shock* once. They had a worm garden, had chickens that they cut off the head and we had for dinner. I refused to watch and do not think I ate the chicken. We also tried bear and rabbit at their house. I played with these little mind puzzles and was able to do them with the innocence of a child while the adults who think to much had a hard to doing them.

The Easter Egg hunts at Joe and Gloria's were so much fun even if I always got a raw egg. I loved getting to swim the the swimming pool with my brother David and cousins Shelly and Steve. I remember making a whirlpool with those three and then letting the water just push us each around the pool. I also remember swallowing a huge black fly! LOL Uncle Joe passed on years ago but even if he and Aunt Gloria were no longer married I do still have some fond memories of him. Aunt Gloria was so sweet to me a few years ago when I went to the family brunch after being out of the *family* for years.  She welcomed me with open arms and hugs and made me feel like I was part of the family again.

Playing at Aunt Hopes house and being allowed the pleasure of hanging out with the ladies as they cooked food and served it up and did the dishes. It was honestly a special time that made me feel appreciated and loved. the adults always made a big deal how much help I was even if I was just in the way talking up a storm. They let me in to their special world of real WOMEN! Aunt Hope would do a magic trick for us kids where she would put her thumbs together and like magic she would make her thumb separate. it was always the first thing we had Aunt Hope do for us kids. :) I smell chocolate cake and see ribbon candy when I think of the house.

I last saw my Wynter family back at my Grammas funeral and before that it was at her Birthday party. I had so much fun re connecting with my cousins and seeing them grown up and adults at the Birthday party. The time went way to fast for me. I hope to get to reconnect with them more this time.

I will have my camera ready to shoot 100's of pictures! I am going to have my cell phone for numbers and a note book for addresses and emails as well. I want to keep in touch with family this time being as time really does go by in a nano second.