Sunday, May 29, 2011

Review: Goody Spin Pin

I bought the on sale Friday to give them a try and see if they worked. I really thought I would be returning them so I kept the receipt handy. I keep my hair off neck most of the time and wanted to give pony tails a break. These look painful and weird but guess what? I love them! They are easy to use after a few tries. My hair is still shortish and different layers so I played around to see what worked best for me. I have a kind of flat bun but it is off my neck and fun. It is funny in the AM when I brush out my hair after having these in over night. I have a FULL head of hair lol.Maybe I will snap a picture in the morning.
OK I texted people and put the party on face book. I have to get invitations to church members in the morning. I will be getting the rest of the house in shape this week. So not a lot to say but YAY to blogging!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not a Happy Day

I had my plans to go major couponing today after I finished my sorting, clipping, comparing, etc.  done. I was headed out the door and could not find my keys. Spend 30 minutes looking for them all over the house. Called J and R  with R finally saying *sorry I have them in my pocket*. WTH? yea I have tons of shit to do today like the groceries we NEED. 2 damn vehicles here and no keys for wither. I had a major melt down flip out over a comment from J. yea he got the better of me and I totally lost it. Did you know the f bomb can be used a lot of times in different ways in texting? Especially when it takes 5 messages sent to do what I said in one paragraph.
I did more outside on the patio today and did more planting and more cleaning up. I have a lot of veges growing now. I still have more to plant but I want to rotate planting times so I have them through the season. i guess if the weather dries out enough I will mow the lawn being as R is useless if it is not something for him or his gf or her family. J is always to busy to do a thing for me as well. Maybe I need to get a bf to help me do stuff here? lol I wish i was stronger and was able to screw in the screw hooks. i need to hang my tomato and strawberry hanging planters. I also have 2 other hanging planters to hang after they get planted with a cool plant that will hang over the sides.
OK just wanted to make sure I blogged today and I will go couponing tomorrow and see what deals I can find. XOXOXO Daphne

Review: Hormel® Compleats® Kids Microwave Meals

I was recently offered the opportunity to have my kids try Hormel® Compleats® Kids Microwave Meals thanks to She Speaks. I was sent the following varieties to try.
Spaghetti & Meatballs, Pasta & Chicken, Beef Ravioli and Macaroni & Beef. the come in the perfect serving size container for the younger kids. .

I had the kids try Macaroni & Beef first. It looked rather weird and kind of like fake food. The smell reminded me of mystery meat Fridays back in grade school. The kids we happy to get to try a new food. Hmm that happiness lasted about as long as the food sat on their tongues. Both gagged but swallowed the bite. They refused to take another bite. I had to agree with the gag taste. Yep mystery meat all over again.
The next day we tried Beef Ravioli and had the same experience. The meal was very bland, had a funky flavor and the sauce was way to thick.
Day three was Spaghetti & Meatballs. This was also way to thick sauced. The noodles we to gooey and the kids were not happy with me making them try *nonono* foods. That was Megan's comment to the foods.
Yippee day four and the last meal to try. Bring on the Pasta & Chicken! More gooey pasta and dead looking chicken. One bite for each kid and more gagging and spitting out of the chicken.
While I am glad to of been given the chance to try the meals I have to be honest and give them a one star out of five.

MIA haven't I?

I need to get back to blogging faithfully again. I love to blog and share my thoughts and ideas and ask questions. I seem to be most happy when I am blogging. if no one reads this anymore I accept that being as blogging is my release of overflow in my brain.
First of all if I ramble and have spelling errors do not worry I took 2 codeine pills an hour ago to see if they would cut my pain. I believe I have arthritis being as my joints hurt so much now days. I am to the point that I honestly hate to have to stand if I have sat down. I have to gear myself up knowing how bad the pain will be. I am having a lot of issues with my tail bone hurting like hell. Sorry for the cuss word but it was used to show the level of pain. From a 1 to a 10? It is an 8. I am going to make an appointment to look into testing to see what is up.
I found out i am still seriously allergic to the sun or I guess just super sensitive. I was garage saleing last Friday and the sun was out it was 70* and i was fried like a lobster. i mean a burn that easily and a lot of the time i was in a store not in the sun! Summer will be interesting huh?
i am going to work on coupons when I am done blogging. I get side tracked and forget them lose a ton from expiring and then have to start over. I have i think just 6 more inserts to go through. I want to go extreme lol couponing tomorrow,
i am planning on having a surprise 40th birthday party for Jason June 3rd. I will be making most of the decor myself that has to do with being 40. the main theme is going to be a luau so I can use my flamingos!! Oh yea did I tell everyone the patio now has a lovely cover? I enjoy so much sitting outside on the porch swing now and being safe from the suns rays or from the rain.
I have been planting a lot of stuff these last couple of weeks. OK a lot for me being as I really am not fond of being outside with bugs and worms and slugs and frogs, yes I am weird. My onions are doing lovely I am excited about them!
I have a nice little buzz going on right now in case you were wondering.
OK what else is new? Oh my brother in law and his wife and 3 kids as well as my nephew live in Joplin and the tornado barely missed them. they live in 2nd and the tornado flattened houses on 7th. Keep all of Joplin in your prayers please.
Love you all and hope you all sleep well and have beautiful dreams!