Sunday, April 25, 2010

It has been crazy here these last few weeks like the last two months worth of weeks. I have not been blogging, reading blogs much, chatting in the chat room nor on facebok much. I have not even been doing much shopping or couponing. I am not sure what I have done other then read a ton of books and try to stay out of my husbands way. We are fighting over who knows what and the stress is affecting me finally.
I have also become a temporaty gaurdian of Zekiah. Jason is also a part of this however now he acts as if Z is *my kid*. He says now and then to me *your kid needs to do this* or *your kid is going to be a trouble maker if you do not make him behave*. Z has been here since Friday night is all! Why not talk about *his boy* does a lot of damage and does horrible things? I feel torn in multiple pieces and no matter what I do I am wrong. *SIGH*
I have closed myself off into my books. I am reading a book every other day now through the week. I find books are a safe haven for me to hide into and disappear. I know Jason is worried about money and his job but do not take it out on me.
I moved Megan ito my room and gave Z Megas room for now. Megan sleeps with me anyhow an likes to nap inmy bed so itmade sice to me. Jason is still in the guest room and I like it that way being as we are not happy with each other right now. He also has allergies to my pets and I will not give away my cat that I have had since 99 nor my dog that I have had forthe last 3 years.
Jason is supposed to be back at work this week so life will be back to normal as soon as Z is in school.I prayI can last that long!