Saturday, August 29, 2009


Things here just never seem to change. I am still stressing over dealing with Robert. I mean I am not dealing with him but we do live in the same house. He will clean up his messes and do his chores. I will not do anything for him other then Dr. appointments and counseling appointments. I will be not be available to pick him up at school on the days he is in trouble. He can sit in the office all day now or they can call his Father. Stick a fork in me I am done.
Megan is still fighting food and her meds. She seems to fight more if someone is here with me. I just use my stern voice and she takes her pills or will take a bite of food. If Daddy or Rena or anyone else tires to feed her or get her to mind she refuses. They all use soft sweet voices and Megan ignores them. Oh yea then Daddy gets mad, stomps off cussing. *geesh* I have been the one to be puked on for the last what 2 weeks?
I am so ready for school to start up. I keep chanting Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. I will miss Megan and her goofiness but will not miss Robert at all. Sunday we have Church and then Jason is working. Or he might be working and not going to Church but I will go if the PCA shows up. Then when I get home Megan and I will go to the mall.
Monday I have nothing planned as of yet. I will make sure Megan's clothing is ready for school on Wednesday.
Tuesday Megan has a Doctors appointment at 11:30. I have to take Robert to his first counseling session then at 2:00 I believe. Robert is going to have to come with us because I will not be going back home that day. When he is in his meeting I will take Rena and Megan shopping for a short time at a thrift store. After Robert's counseling session that is an hour we will go up the hill to Goodwill and to The Salvation Army. I might stop at Michael's and Joann's as well while I am out. I am going to stay gone as long as I can just to ruin his day. Oh and he will have to be in early that night being as the next day is school!
Then come Wednesday and the kids are in school! I am free and I am happy!

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  1. Big hugs. Sounds like you have a plate full.