Monday, March 29, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Toys R Us Deal Friday and Saturday BOGO Deal

I saw the ad on TV so not sure the exact details but it says ALL dvds are BOGO!
I will be picking up my TS and TS2 tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how this works. I am going to replace at least 2 of the old VHS Disney movies with new Disney DVDs. I am looking for 102 Dalmations and will see what else!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Love A Bargain!

I bought Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in the DVD/ BLU RAY combo pack for Tony at Target today. I was worried they would sell out if I waited. I got both of them for $15.98  with the discounts and coupons. Each movie also has a ticket to go see Toy Story 3 for free!!!
I bought 2 boxes of Always, one was $6.06 and the other was $6.99 making them 2/$13.05. I had coupons to save $3.00 off bringing the cost to 2/$10.05. On top of that deal Target gave me a $5.00 gift card for buying 2 packages of the Always.
I bought 10 bottles of SOBE water 10/$10.00 and got another gift card for $5.00.
I needed to buy bandaids for a rebate and bought a box of Toy Story ones for $1.82 and had a coupon to get $1.00 off.
I was able to get a free Air Wick Motion Sensor Ultra on sale for $6.00 minus my $5.00 manufactor coupon minus the Target $1.00 coupon. My cost was FREE!
I admit I did splurge and bought a Caboodle make up box so I can organize my make up better. That dang thing was $12.99. Geesh what a rip off. I thought it was $9.99 so I might save my receipt and argue the price.
It still amazes me when people say coupons do not pay!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Toys R Us Deal

I went to TRS to pre order Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in the DVD/Blu Ray combo pack. When I put down my $5.00 for each combo pack I was able to buy another Disney DVD for $15.00 off. I bought 101 Dalmations @ $19.99 minus my $15.00 from TRU and a bonus $5 for a Disney promo bringing the cost down to FREE!
To make this deal even sweeter there is a ticket for up to $8.50 off the purchase of a movie ticket to see Toy Story 3!
When the combo packs are in on Tuesday the sale price is going to be $16.99 each for 2 combo packs or $33.98 for two combo packs, I also have 2 coupons from Disney for an additional $10.00 off each combo pack bringing the cost down to $6.99 for each combo pack or $13.98 for both combo packs.
In the end I will be getting 101 Dalmations, Toy Story and Toy Story 2 for $13.98 and two tickets for up to $8.50 off the purchase of a movie ticket to see Toy Story 3!

Friday, March 19, 2010

another great contest

I drink a lot. No, not alcohol, very funny! lol But I almost always have a drink in my hand or within a few inches. So when I was invited to try out Starbucks Coffee 100 calorie Frappuccino Light Vanilla and Mocha flavors, I happily jumped on the chance. You see, even though I am always drinking something, I watch the calorie content. I am hesitant to drink full calorie drinks. It's not the sugar, sugar's my DH's problem, not mine, lol - but with all I drink each day, if I drank full calorie drink after drink, I'd be in serious trouble weight wise.


Both the Mocha Lite and the Vanilla are 100 calories per bottle, so I don't worry about indulging in one. (You know what I also appreciate? It's 100 calories per bottle, not per serving. I hate when a product says 100 calories, but there's 2.5 servings or whatever in the bottle. Who just drinks a small part of the supposed single serving bottle and puts it back in the fridge??) On top of the lower calories, it also has 60% sugar, and is sweetened with Splenda. You can score them by singles in the convenience section at gas stations, etc, or you can pick up a 4 pack at your local grocery stores for around $4.99-ish.

Taste wise, both flavors were pretty good. A single bottle is just right for cravings with just enough sweetness (they're 9.5 oz each) I think I prefer the Mocha the most, but the Vanilla was just as good (I've always had a thing for Mocha!) Do make sure these are ice cold though if you can, they taste soooo much better! (If you are home, try serving them with crushed ice! Yummy!)

If you'd like to try Starbucks Coffee new 100 calorie Frappuccino Light for yourself, they've got a $1.00 off coupon you can print up for your purchase!

Win it! Would you like to receive a 4 pack of Starbucks Coffee 100 calorie Frappuccino Light Vanilla and Mocha like I did? One lucky reader will get some landing on their doorstep! To enter, tell me which flavor you'd love the most (they also have Coffee, and regular calorie Vanilla and Mocha)

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That's up to four (4) possible entries! Giveaway ends March 27th, 2010 at 11:59 PST. US Only, sorry. :( Please leave your email address in your comment, or have it available in your profile so I can contact you if you've won. Winners drawn via

I received a sample of the product above to write a review about it. One reader will win a prize as stated above.

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Another great contest from my friend!!

I recently had the chance to listen to the newest Putumayo World Music release, Rhythm and Blues.


Rhythm and Blues features not only generation legends such as Lavelle White but also new stars of today's retro R&B movement such as Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. (For you who might not know her she was called the "Queen of Funk" by British enthusiasts during a tour in 1999) Now when you hear R & B, you might be thinking of recent years, but rewind the clock back to the the 50's and 60s for this one. It's the real deal, not the newfangled cr stuff. ;) This is a good CD to hang out and listen to in the evening after dinner and relax.

Here's the track listing:

Lavelle White "I've Never Found a Man to Love"

James Hunter "Til Your Fool Comes Home"

Cracked Ice "Sweet Feeling"

The Quantic Soul Orchestra featuring Kabir Who Knows

The Emotions "My Honey and Me"

Sam Moore, Keb' Mo' and Angie Stone "Wang Dang Doodle"

Catherine Russell "Put Me Down Easy"

Ruthie Foster "'Cuz I'm Here"

Snooks Eaglin "A Mother's Love"

Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings "100 Days, 100 Nights"

Rockie Charles "Before I Find the Right Girl for Me"

Irma Thomas with Henry Butler "River Is Waiting"

The suggested retail price is $14.98, but Amazon has it for $13.99 as of this posting.

Win it! One lucky reader will win a copy of Rhythm and Blues. To enter, visit Putumayo's site and tell us another CD you'd be interested in. (If you're like me and love Celtic music, I recommend Celtic Tides - it features Clannad, my absolute favorite in Celtic music)

As always, if you have completed the first entry above, you can also receive extra entries for:

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-Blogging about this giveaway with a link back

-Tweeting about this giveaway (leave the link or include @psychotichouse)

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I received a copy of this CD to listen to, and one reader will win a copy as well. Link(s) are for your convenience, they are not referral links.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Busy Life Happy Wife??

Yea as if I want to keep with the busyness. What has been going on in my life to keep me from posting?
I have gone to court to vouch for V and I offered to be a temporary foster parent for Kia. It will be temporary and will allow Kia to stay safe and not be placed into the foster care system.
I also said I would do supervised visitations for V and Mathias every other weekend for five hours Saturday and five hours on Sunday. It is hard to remember that I have to keep that time zone opened and make no plans.
This past Saturday I had CASA and the Social worker here to do a walk through of the house. I have to say the CASA worker did not impress me at all. I have yet to be impressed by CASA.
Kia has to have his own bedroom *why do they have to have their own bedroom* which is fine we have a spare room. I will be putting Robert in the spare room and Kia in Roberts room. Casa saw the gun cabinet in the spare room and freaked out! Oh that isbad, bad , bad, OhhhhHHHHHhh baddddd. LOL yea we have guns for hunting and oh my pistols to boot.
I really had to bite my lip to not pop off with the answers I wanted to give to the stupid questions I was asked. { What will you do when Kia ask for a cell phone?} { What will you use as discipline} I said tell him when he works and can afford his own cell phone he can have one. I also said it depends on what the infraction was being as different acts will have different disciplines. I gave a few examples and she just grinned at me and said he wont care. I said OK what do YOU suggest. She shut up and had no idea what to say then. Yea I can play the smart alec game to Casa do not tick me off. I am doing a favor I am not going to be treated like an idiot.
OK anyhow we are working on having Kia here within the next two weeks. Transistioning him here over Spring break. At times I wonder why I am doing this but I know deep in my heart God was telling me I needed to. Just the thought of this child going into foster care breaks my heart, and knowing he is feeling so unloved and unwanted really hurts.
I have been having a lot of issues with my hernia. I have to baby it so much right now but I am trying to hold out for my insurance to kick in. I know it needs to be taken care of ASAP but I just have to wait it out a bit nore. I can feel it tear a bit now and then and it really does scare me. No lectures on getting in to have it done I simply do not have the money for it. If it breaks and I go to ER at least they have to take care of me with no money up front!Insurance should be in affect in 6 weeks! I have to make a call and find out more about it. Oh I am also looking for a beltg thing that will hold it all in for the time being. It is amazing how much slimmer I am when the dang thing is not popping out.
OK now that I wrote a novel I will close!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

There are lots of ways to save money and have fun at the same time. One thing I have found is buying books at the Dollar Tree. I just finished reading Moon Pies and Movie Stars by Amy Wallen. It was a wonderful read! I was laughing in so many parts of the book, would read until 1 AM a couple of nights, and had a blast remembering the 70s! Miss Amy Wallen is superb at painting a picture in you mind with her words, I know just what the bowling alley looks like and smells like through her words.
I know save more money by getting a book at the library but there is just something in me that loves to own books. A Kindle is not for me I love the feel of there pages as I turn them and the smell of the ink, I love knowing that this book is MINE! Mine, mine, mine, MINE!
I adore going to the Dollar Tree. There is always something new and exciting to find. It is like a treasure hunt on a budget. Go ahead and take $10.00 or even $5.00 and see what jewels you can find.
Look in the frozen food section while you are there. I am addicted to the Garlic Texas Toast. The local grocery stores are selling it for over $3.00 here, yet I can buy a box for just $1.00 at Dollar Tree.
Some of my families favorite snacks are from the Dollar Tree. I bought fruit and granola bars a few years ago there and found out how much we all love them. Oh and when they have buddy bars in stock! Oh yea baby I love them.
Now and then Dollar Tree will get items in that are discontinued every where else. SCORE when you find that elusive item that is a must have. I was given a small bottle of perfume from my Aunt Shelia a few years ago. I forget the name now but I loved it. I had no idea it was from the Dollar Tree until she told me and I saw it there myself. When they get expensive name brand items in it is so fun to buy them for so much cheaper then they were.
OK I know I got off track. I love Dollar Tree and have fun when I go!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Last Bargain of the Day From Target

This week Target has a great deal on Kashi. Pairing it up with my coupons and I made out like a bandit!
The Heart to Heart crackers cookies granola bars are on sale for $2.59. If you buy four snack items you get a fifth one free.
I had to buy 4 of the crackers @ $2.59 each and was able to get the cookies for free. I also had 3 coupons for $1.50 off three of the boxes of crackers I bought and a fourth coupon to get one box totally free! In the end I paid $3.27 for four boxes of crackers and a box of cookies!

Target and Walmart Deals

I love these photo boxes for so many things. I thing they are perfect for storing anything in for the most part. I bought three of these for $1.25 each at Target. Right now I am using one for my coupons that I just clipped out. I store hair pretties in these, small toys, etc.

As some of you know I know have a table cloth fetish. I love table cloths! These have become my favorite way to decorate on the cheap. I bought this tanish one and the greenish one it is sitting on on clearance at Target for $1.49 each I believe. They are a simple design but are vinal and so easy to wash! Being as the kids somehow keep cutting my table cloths this is a cheap way to protect the table top and have fun with colors.

I have fun dressing Megan. She is going to wear this outfit tomorrow to school. She will have a pair of black leggings on under the skirt in case you were wondering. :)

OK I got these skirts on clearance at Walmart for $5.00 each. I love putting Megan in skirts over her leggings. These came with black tights even.

This was on clearance at Walmart for .75 cents. How adorable is this paired with the plaid skirt?!!

Shhhh I got this for my secret sister at church! It cost me .75 cents and was $15.00 originally. You push the paw and it says cute lil sayings.

The cups were on clearance for 10 cents each at Walmart. There is 5 in a set. Megan will just drink out of this style of cup lately. I bought 14 sets of cups and paid $1.40 and one set is normally $1.50!

This is the confetti stuff that you put in gift bags. There is also some red celephane *sp* to wrap with in the same pack. I got these on clearance for 10 cents each.

OK yes I bought 54 gift bags from Walmart. They each have tissue paper included in them. I paid 10 cents for each bag! I love to give ot little gifts and now I can have cute bags to go along with it!

Wonderful Wednesday Freebies!

This was by far my best deal in a long time. They are on sale at Safeway for $2.99 each. I had coupons for BOGO. I bought 10 costing me just $29.90. Minus the BOGO coupons brought the cost down to $14.95. With a purchase of $25.00 of select frozaen foods which this was I also got a $10.00 coupon off my next purchase at Sageway. In a way I was able to get 10 of these once serving meals for $4.95! Oh and these are normally $6.99 at my local Safway.

The Popsicles were on sale for $3.49. Through a blog that I read I won a coupon from the Popsicle company for a free box!

I love Boca burgers. Through another of my sites I was able to get coupons for free Bocas for me and to share with friends for having a *party*. With being sick between all of us that never happened so I shared the coupons and saved some for me. These were on sale today for $3.99 but were free for me!
The bananas were on sale for .59 cents a pound and I was just craving them today. However the asparagus was on sale for $1.28 a pound and I had .50 cents off a pound or more! How did I get a produce coupon you wonder? Safeway has this great deal where you can load coupons from their site directly onto your club card! If you have a local Safeway visit the site and sign up for the deals @

I paid $18.61 for all the groceries today as Safway but got that $10.00 to use on my next frozen food purchase! I am thinking of going back and getting more of the Michael Angelos meals!