Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Favorite Things I Have Discovered

I love the boil over gadget that I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond last month. It was around $3.00 give or take. Who knew that these actually worked? I have been having fun using my ceramic disc to see if the water boils over. I have yet to have a boil over. It is nice to save time having to clean up that foamy starchy mess on my glass stove top. The other day i was cooking Quinoa and the little disc was just rattling away! My husband and son thought I had put a rock in the pan, :)

                                                                                                                                I  am always using garlic in all my recipes it seems. I have used fresh garlic but I really detest having to smash the cloves and separate them and all the mess. With the Christopher Ranch peeled garlic my garlic fetish is in high swing! This brand taste divine and is so easy to use. I just cut off the tips and then either use the whole clove or slice, dice, or chop them up! I have been using them on homemade pizza, in green beans, soups, stews, chili, even for hamburgers, sauteed for an omelet, and just sauteed with an onion and mushrooms as a side!

This is the best thing around for storing knives! I hated the knife block it was ugly and took up counter space. I had thought of having my knives on the wall on a magnet strip but that just is creep to me. I do not like the idea of a knife just there ready for Freddy Kruger to get me with. OK I prefer to have my knives in the drawer way from within little fingers reach and bugs doing *the nasty*. I bought this at JCP for $30 minus my friends 25% discount with free shipping to the store. This one is expandable from side to side but fits here just perfect. 

I really enjoy my 3 in 1 adjustable mandoline slicer. It works great for onions! It is made by The Sharper Image and I found this one on sale at Marshalls for just $9.99. I have done other vegetable with it but I seem to prefer the perfect onion slices I get with this.

I tried these the other day at Costco and I am hooked! With hubby and I trying to eat a healthier way and really watching our carbs now I have found the perfect chip. I am addicted to the zesty Ranch Straws. I will have a bag of my chips as one of my snacks and the salty craving and chip cravings go away.