Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fantabolous Freebies

I went to the mall today with Megan to work on some of my freebies.I love to see how cheap I can get stuff for it is like a high for me. At times I think I need freebie anonymous.

We started off at Target and did a return. It was partially on a gift card that I no longer had and part cash so I said just give me a new gift card and that will work.

Then we headed on down to Victoria's secret where I had 2 coupons for free trial size lotion. I got one for me and one for Megan. There is a reason I take her with me!

We then went over to Bath & Body Works. I had more coupons to use there as well. I bought 5 hand soaps in Kitchen Lemon *orgasmic scent* to me. I am like addicted to washing my hands with this flavor. With the purchase of those at 5/$15.00 I was able to get a full size product for FREE. I chose a Warm Vanilla Sugar bubble bath that was $12.00 for FREE!

I also had a coupon for a FREE travel size item with any purchase. I bought a Pineapple Orchid votive candle for $1.50 and got a FREE lip gloss in Sheer Pink with a Cotton Candy flavor. That was $7.00 for FREE!

I bought another Pineapple Orchid votive candle for $1.50 and got a FREE 3 ounce travel size bottle of Cherry Blossom body spray with my FREE coupon. That was a $5.00 item for FREE!

I ended up spending $18.00 at Bath & Body Works however I was able to get $24.00 worth of items for FREE! The hand soap is usually $5.00 each but was on sale for $3.00 each. That sale saved me an additional $10.00. Not to bad if I say so myself!

I took Megan to lunch at Target after that being as I was getting wore out. Megan was hyper today and yelling and laughing the whole day. It is hard to push her wheel chair when she is rocking it all over the place! I had to keep asking her to lower her voice being as she was really loud!

After Megan and I enjoyed our soft pretzel with cheese sauce and a diet soda we took off to shop in Target! Do you know how hard it is to push an adult sized stroller with Megan in her happy mode and have her holding her soda? As well as holding a purse on the stroller and a red shopping basket? Hey I still rocked it and got some bargains!

There was the IAMS premium protection dog food for half price making it $5.48. I had 2 coupons one for $2.00 off and one for $1.00 off. I bought 2 bags of good dog food that is normally 21.96 for $7.96. Talk about a bargain!

I had coupons for BOGO on the SOBE water. Target has lowered the price to $1.02 here now. I found an endcap that had all the flavors of the 0 calorie brand and in 4 different flavors! 4 would of been $4.08 but I paid $2.04! Now I hope it is at least good tasting!

I had a coupon for a FREE box of Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal. Target here has it for $3.49 but it was FREE with my coupon!
Target would of cost me $29.53 however with my coupons I paid $10.00 not counting tax. I even used the gift card so I was not out any *real* money!

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