Monday, March 28, 2011

Taa Daa Global Warming

I know why we have global warming! I have found the 100% reason behind this all on my own! I am sure you will agree with me if you are a female. Global warming is caused from hot flashes!!!!!! Right now I am so warm it is insane. I am Glistening all over my body and under parts as well. :)
I bought the best thing ever today in town and it is good for me and was cheap. I bought a *drum roll please*.......... a  bag of crushed ice from Sonic!!!!! Taa Daa! It was just $1.69 and is so darn good.  Crunch, crunch, crunch.
I got in on a new one2one network offer. It is for the Yanni CD with a chance at concert ticket or tickets and I am hoping for a blog giveaway. If you review the CD in time you are also entered into a drawing for a gift card, cash forget what all exactly.
I am in a better mood today. I love feeling happy and having the sunshine today was a blessing. I bought me 2 dresses at Goodwill today for 99 cents each. One still had the tags on it even. I got Megan a few more dresses again lol. Megan has more clothes then anyone I know. My favorite of hers is still the red Calvin Klein dress.
Spring break is next week and I will be taking her to get pictures done. I am taking her to Sears being as I get a free 8X10. I might have to go a few times to get her pictures done. If the stores are offering the $5.95 package I will be happy!
OK yes I am begging here people. I need more readers! Please have your friends read my blog. I want to show one2one that I do have readers and that I am a good choice to do a giveaway to!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rant be forwarned

OK there are times when I wish I was not married and not a step mom. I am in a fine fit of irritation right now. I think I shall act as childish and rude and the two males that live in this house are acting. I will cuss and hit walls, break things, do nothing for others, just be a selfish bitch. I am going to be a whinny nag.
yea can you tell how my day is going so far? Wait it has been my weekend, week, month! I am very frustrated at this point. If I have another letter asking/telling me how disappointed, unhappy, stressed with life and our marriage and how I am not growing in Christ like he is and where is this marriage headed I might just flip out and say no where and walk away.
I am confused as to why a 16 year old is allowed to do what he wants, when he wants, how long he wants, does not do chores half the time, is given a truck to drive, lies, etc and is not punished by his dad? Grrrrr I am not happy today.
OK even the pets are irritating me to the hilt. Mali wont stop begging and whining for food all the time all day long. She jumps on the table with her paws to grab food and knocks off places to grab food as well.
Fraidy whines for food all day as well and meows all the dang time. As soon as I go to bed or take a nap or just lay down Fraidy is there laying against me. I push her off 20 times and she is right back at my side.
Yea Farmville people are ticking me off to. I do all the request I get in my box and yet most of mine go ignored. Grrr it is a little thing but not a good mood maker for me today.
Yea I am not a happy camper today at all. I am not my normal happy person that I love to be.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Well I am not doing as much decluttering as I had planned. I is so enjoyable to see the progress. I have really been working on the living room for the most part. I sold 2 book cases yesterday, gave away all my VHS movies and gave away a huge box or two of other various *treasures* that were cluttering up my living room. Oh I also gave away a bookcase that I have had for a few years. I gave away a lot of books that I had read and have decided that once I read a book I will share it with another person to enjoy. I am still not ready to give away my Stephen King books though.
I gave almost all of my former lingerie away on Listia. I do have stuff loaded in Avon boxes and will go through them this week. I am basically doing a keep, sell, or giveaway boxes. It is such a great feeling to see empty areas now. Jason is not as angry over the clutter and I am standing up to him when he pops off about the clutter but I remind him how much I have done and how his negative comments cause me to not want to do more.
I really am getting anxious for spring/summer to get here. The overcast days and rainy days and windy days are getting to me. Yes I am thankful for no major snow and ice but I crave the warmth of the sun on my face. The lazy days laying on the patio swing, reading a book, with a tall glass of iced tea. Music playing Phantom of the Opera and the smell of flowers and sunshine. Yes I said SUNSHINE!
I wish I had taken pictures of the mess before I started. I am great at packing in a ton of treasures in a bookcase! I honestly want a house that is clear of clutter, that is dust free, that I can have someone pop over and not have me be embarrassed by the mess. Oh yea I even gave my son my cappuccino maker last week. See I am working on decluttering!
Oh I spent a couple of hours on coupons as well. I have maybe another hour to go and then that will be organized. I was sad to see how many items I lost out on due to not being organized. I am talking free items! I did manage to snag 26 packs of Trident Vitality gum for free. I had fun that  shopping trip. I picked up Bambi for a friend and picked up Despicable Me. I had coupons for both movies and each came with some freebies. My friend paid for Bambi and I kept the freebies for my work. The Lean Cuisines were on sale for $2 each and I bought 8 that was $16. With the purchase of the LC I got $5 off my bill bringing the cost down to $11. I then had coupons to save an additional $2 off. So for $9 I got 8 LC meals. The Jolly Time popcorn, Oscar Mayer hot dogs, Safeway hot dog buns, Aquafina water, Juicy Juice and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese were the movie freebies. The 2 Hormel kids meals were on sale 2/$3 and a BOGO. The coupon took off the regular price of $2.29 or so bringing the cost down to 21 cents for both meals! This was a fun coupon day!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


OK I will keep this short being as I am short on sleep again. My iron levels are still low but are improving. I am taking my iron every night and trying to in the morning as well.
I am making progress on my house just not as fast as I wanted to with my low energy levels.
I will be going shopping tomorrow for freebies! Yes I love my freebies. I will post what I bought and how much I paid. I have to organize my coupons in the morning and get my freebie list going.
I will post more tomorrow but need sleep.