Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shopping and Returns

OK I had a few errands to run today and was happy that it was cooler then it has been.

My first trip was for the free Jack in the Box tacos. Megan, Rena and I each got 2 free tacos. I also bought Megan a hamburger deluxe. Amazingly she ate both tacos and the hamburger!

We then went to JCPennys to pay my credit card bill. I also looked around the store to see if there were any good buys. Clearance was 70% off the original price and Rena was able to get me an additional 20% with her former employee discount. I was happy I found 2 dresses and a pack of 3 socks for Megan. OK I am taking the dresses back. Fat women like me do not need to wear sundresses or dresses that look like a print for the 60s acid trips. I thought I could do it but uh uh uh uh no darn way.

I paid my credit card and told the lady I needed to pay five on my bill. She thought I was paying five hundred! I said no five dollars! That it was a little bill. Wow can not imagine spending that at JCPennys. *Wait yes I can and it would be fun!*

Next stop was Walmart for a return. I had another couple of items to return but I misplaced my receipt for now. I took back a hand brace that hubby bought and got back $12.99. I love to do his returns!

Final stop was Winco. I spent way more time in that place then I meant to. They had cantaloupes on sale 3/99 cents! I got nectarines for 99 cents as well. Laundry soap on sale and a lot of different fruits and veges. Bananas, onions, grapes, etc. I also bought me two Java Monsters and used my coupons on them. I have still not had Starbucks Carmel Macchitos in a while now. I really do miss those but hey I am learning to do without!

After spending way to much time in Winco it was time to go home! Yippie! My hernia at this point was really hurting me and lifting the stroller in and out of the van was hard this final time. Thank you Lord for my AC in the van!

I did stop and pick up my mail. I got the weekly ads as well as an envelope from Psttt. It has a coupon for a free Fiber One yogurt four pack and then 10 or so coupons for $1.35 off four packs. I gave Rena a couple of the coupons to try the yogurt. I will pick it up tomorrow so I can review it.

Tonight for dinner I am making sub sandwiches. I will used Tillamook cheese, lettuce, onions, cucumbers, deli sliced ham, pickles, mayonnaise and mustard. I will cut up one of the cantaloupes for dinner as well.

Last night for dinner I baked Oscar Mayer All Beef hot dogs and made a pack of Hamburger Helper Three Cheese Lasagna without the meat. I know I am weird but I love Hamburger Helper with no meat.
Tomorrow I am going to take Mali into Bonney Lake and get her anal glands excreted. I am going to also stop off at the Dr's. office and pick up Roberts Straterra. I will make a return to Target and if I find my Walmart receipt I will return the couple of items I have here as well. Mali will have to behave and sit in the van on her own. I will not be taking Megan tomorrow, it is faster to not have to deal with her.
I am not sure what else to blog or what else is new with me. Oh yes I do. I stopped off at The Salvation Army today but it was a bust. I was hoping to find a few dresses for Megan but nothing inspired me. I am thinking once school starts back up I will have more patience to look at stuff.

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  1. You sure do sound busy hun! I love doing that kind of stuff, today I must do my grocery shopping also!