Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tightwad Tuesday

 OK I love to bargain shop and today I made some great deals I have to tell you about. Target has the Healthy Choice meals on sale for $1.75 for select meals. I had 4 coupons for $5.00/5 or in the end it was $20.00/20 meals. I paid .75 cents a meal with the exception of the one meal on clearance for $1.27. I paid $14.52 for 20 Healthy Choice meals!
My next deal was on the Glade fabric and air spray. They are on sale at Target right now 2/$5.00. Some of the bottles have a coupon for $2.00 off m,aking them cost just .50 cents a bottle! There is also a $5.00 rebate available with the purchase of any 3 participating Johnson and Son products. I will send off for the rebate and in the end will of made $2.00. All six of the sprays cost me $3.00 out of pocket!

Each of these 2 piece outfits were on clearance for $9.99 with an extra 40% off! I bought Megan 4 sets of these costing me just $6.00 a set! How could I not get them at that price!

 The tee shirts were the same deal. On clearance with an extra 40% off! They cost me around $5.00 each but they are just to adorable and work perfect with her outfits that I bought! Megan wore the purple tee with her pink 2 piece outfit today.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Madness

OK not really a Monday Madness day but thought it sounded cute! What a blessing today is! I had to open my window and get some fresh air. The cat loves it as well she went right to the window to sit down and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful day!
I am trying to get laundry done and I have gotten the dishes taken care of. Robert and his friends are going to put the Chrtistmas stuff away for me in a few. I will have my livingroom back to normal!
I plan on stayong home tomorrow and getting the house dusted, vacuumed, swpt, mopped, and cleaned! I will make a list and check off as I get stuff done.
I went to Safeway today to get some bargains but I forgot my coupons for the items I went for. I did have my main coupons so I was able to pick up Tide and Downy both on sale at least. I also had a Safeway coupon for a free Sliders by Hot Pockets. I picked up my free box of those to try. Megan liked them I was hmmm nope not going to do it. The insides reminded me of barf to put it bluntly. I picked up milk as well when I was at Safeway. I love that you can buy 2 gallons of milk on sale 2/3.98. My girlfriend in Louisianna pays that for one gallon she says.
I also am going to list stuff on Craigslist again. I want the stuff gone and sold! I have gave away so much of it already but love to make money for me! I want to put it into a savings for a little vacation for the family this summer.
Well off to do a few more chores and see what to make for dinner. Love and blessings and thank you Jesus for this amazingly beautiful day!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Busy Friday

I was off and running today from 12:30 to 5:30. Megan had a grandmal at school and through mis communication and people freaking out over her seizure the wrong family was called to report the seizure. It was finally noticed it was Megan and not the other child whos parents had been called when I got my call.
Megan was taken by ambulance to Good Sam so I had to rush off up there to get her. I walk into the ER room and Megan is all smiles and giggles and hugs and kisses and yelling lol. She was fine it was a seizure that I deal with all the time.
The Dr. steps in and has no idea what LGS is so I do a basic lesson and tell him it is normal we deal with them all the time they change she is on multi meds etc. He just looked at me like *why is she here?* We had to explain the mess up at school and that is why she was taken in.
So we get her up and checked out and rush off to Roberts Dr. appointment. Get there at 2:45 and leave at 3:45, go to get his RX filled at Riteaid. Finally at 4:45 we are done there and I run over to Safeway to get Chinese for dinner. I am not going to try and defrost something at this point when I still had dishes to do!
Get home and it is around 5:30 or so. I give Megan her meds, change her diaper and decide to post on Facebook for a few. Jason gets home and we talk about our crazy days we both had and then it is after 9 and we watch TV a bit together and then I have to do the last does of Megans meds.
Yea that went over well. She had had another seizure when we were watching TV and was not in a mood for meds. SHe gave me a hard tome so hubby helped me and we got them down her.
AMEN that day is over and I am going to bed! AMEN that Megan is fine and Robert is fine and they both have insurance!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Love Freebies That Pay Me!

I went to Walgreens today to get the Neosporin Lip stuff that was on sale and had the register rewards to go along with it. I had to go t two different Walgreens but it was worth it to me.
I bought two tubes of the Neosporin Lip Health daily hydration therapy. They are $6.49 normally were on sale 2/$8.00. I used 2 coupons for $3.00 off one. I paid
2/$2.00 cash out of hand *not counting tax*. THEN there was a register rewards which gave me a coupon for $3.00 off my next purchase! I basically will make $1.00 in the end.
I went to a different Walmart and did the same deal but bought the overnight renewal threapy. Paid $2.00 after all discounts and got anothr $3.00 register reward!
OK have to ad in a couple of good deals from Target as well. They had the Juicy Juice on sale for $2.00 a can. I had a manufactor coupon from the company for $1.00/2 cans which I paired up with 2 Target coupons for $1.00/1 can. Understand me so far?  I bought 2 cans of juice and used all three coupons which gave me $3.00 off 2 cans of Juicy Jucie costing me just $1.00 for 2 cans!
I also found the Axe body wash set for $5.00. I had 2 coupons for $1.00 off a body wash. Target ran a special that if you bought 2 sets of the Axe yo got a Target gift card worth $5.00 on next purchase! I paid $8.00 for the 2 sets and got a $5.00 to boot!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Copon Items

Today I went to Fred Meyer * I spelt it Dred Meyer just now lol!* today with my coupons and my list of what was on sale that I needed/wanted.
They have the Fresh Express Salad Kits on sale for $5/$5.00. I bought 12 of these kits being as I love them. I will eat a whole kit as a meal. I ended up buying Salsa, Asian, and BLT. I bought 12 kits in all. Hey it is a cheap way to get salad down the family! OK took a break and my family and I just had one of each salad for dinner! Hubby and Robert liked BLT the best, I love the Salsa one the best. Dinner for the three of us was a whole $3.00! Talk about cheap eats.
I bought 10 cans of dark red kidney beans on sale 2/$1.00. I use these when I make chili. I just make sure to rinse them before putting into my crock pot. I also make a kidney bean salad with these that is just a red onion and mayonaise along with 2 cans of beans.
Mushrooms were on sale today in the 8 ounce package 2/$3.00 so I bought 2 packages of these. There are so many ways to use these!
I bought 6 jars of peanut butter, along with 4 jars of different flavors of jams on sale 10/$10.00.
I also found a great coupon item! The La Victoria Salsa was on sale
2/$4.00 and I had four coupons for $4.00/2. I was able to buy eight jars of salsa for free! The cashier was not happy about me getting them for free and even called her manager over to ask if it was allowed. Yes it is allowed *duh*.
Oh and to make the deal even better I had a coupon from my Fred Meyer Awards to save an additional $3.00 off a purchase.
I will post more savings tomorrow! If you have any questions just ask me I love to get others into coupon savings.

Taco Bell Freebie

Taco Bell is giving away 1 million Fresco Tacos.


I was able to print two coupons even!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Great blog for you all

Giveaway: Progresso Souper You

I'm pretty sure that the majority of the folks making New Year's Resolutions either said they wanted to work on getting out of debt (I'd be one of those) or wanted to get into shape.

Even if you didn't make any resolutions this year, I'm sure you've thought about eating healthier. For me, I've admitted on here I don't really watch calories. (If I did, I'd walk right back into an eating disorder trap) I've found that eating 3 meals a day with a healthy snack or two helps me out in the weight department, along with my beloved Wii. (Don't laugh, but a lot of us adults are lucky to eat one decent meal a day, especially those who work outside the home. How's that for preaching eating healthy to our kids?)

It's winter time, so like I've stated on past posts, we eat a lot of soup around here. Most broth based soups run about 110-170 calories per serving, so if you are super hungry, you can eat the whole can and not feel so guilty. Or you can indulge in a healthy grilled cheese to go along with the serving of soup, and still not feel so guilty! (I'm making myself hungry over here writing this post! LOL)

I was pretty thrilled to have a big box arrive from Progresso and MyBlogSpark to start the New Year that contained 15 different kinds of light and broth based Progresso Soups, a totally cool jump rope that's digital (yeah, now I have no excuse not to add that to my workout regime for my tush), and another one of those awesome soup bowls - now we have 3! Yay! So what if it's a giant bathtub for the munchkin right now, we can match! (Yeah, I know we're dorks around here)

Anyways, some of these Progresso soups are only 100 calories a serving! They definitely can't sabotage your eating healthy when the calories are that low. (Just remember to watch the sodium content)

Progresso is also helping folks kick off a healthier New Year with their Souper You Debut contest. All you have to do is submit a 200 word essay about why you love Progresso soups and why you deserve a make over. Three grand prize winners will be awarded a trip for two to New York City! The prize includes the roundtrip airfare for both of you, a two-night stay in a NYC hotel, a full makeover, a $1,000 wardrobe shopping spree with a personal consultation at a New York department store. How's that to reward yourself and get out of the winter blahs right into some hot new Summer clothes? (I'm over here going ME! ME! ME! I could use a new wardrobe, STAT! lol)

Someone has got to win, why shouldn't it be one of you? They say you can't win if you don't enter, so try! (Plus, I would be totally in awe of you if you scored winning a trip! Ah, a girl can dream!) You can enter through March 15th. (and if you win, will you send me a postcard, pretty please? LOL)

You can also print a coupon to save $1.00 off any 3 varieties of Progresso Soup while you're over there entering.

Win it! I get to help you kick off your healthier eating habits with a little giveaway of my own! One lucky reader will win a mini Souper You Debut gift pack that includes 2 cans of Progresso soups, the jump rope, and one of those nifty soup bowls with the Progresso logo on them. (I know, I know, a logo - but trust me, this bowl rocks!) To enter, tell us how you eat healthy or keep in shape. Did you make a resolution to loose a few pounds this year?

As always, if you have completed the first entry above, you can also receive extra entries for:

-Subscribing to my feed OR following my blog

-Blogging about this giveaway with a link back

-Tweeting about this giveaway (leave the link or @psychotichouse me)

Giveaway ends January 16th, 2010 at 11:59 PST. US Only, sorry. :( Please leave your email address in your comment, or have it available in your profile so I can contact you if you've won. Winners drawn via Random.org.

Progresso and My Blog Spark sent me a box with 15 different soups, a jump rope, and soup bowl, as well as access to information on their website. My opinions are my own - not Progresso or MyBlogSpark's. The calorie content notes come straight off the cans of soup. One reader will win a prize as stated above courtesy of the sponsors. Please consult with a doctor before starting any weight loss program!

House Blessing

I love this picture of Megan and her Daddy. He was resting on the couch and she decided she wanted him to go to bed with her. She kept this up fr about 5 minutes untilhe finally caved in and tucked her in. This is her new habit that is to funny. She will grab Jason or me and try to make us go lay down with her. She has even decided that she loves my bed now and wants to sleep on my side of the bed. Poor Jason has been kicked out of our room and I now share it with Megan lol!
I finally have all of the Christmas decorations boxed up and waiting to be placed back under the house for a year. I bought a Christmas tree storeage bag at Joanns for 50% off yesterday. My old box for the tree has been taped and taped and taped. I hope that the bag will make it easier to get the tree in and out of the crawl space.
I worked on my bathroom today while Megan sat in a bubble bath watching me. I moved the TV stand that I bought this summer into the bathroom into that weird empty space under the counter. I have a different stand now for the TV in case you were wondering.
I am now going to work on the pantry. I need to get all the food organized again and put back in in an orderly way.I still have all of those boxes of crackers that I bought on the 31st sitting on the counter!
I have so many things I want to do at the same time right now. I wish there was 12 of me. To be honest I would love to go take a nap for 4 hours. I found out that my allergy RX is definately working. I was not smart thinking I should go for 4 days and not take any. Today has been hard to bless my house due to the foggy head allergy feeling. Yes I am on the pills again!
I will be working on coupons and making my list today as well. I hope to go shopping on Thursday or Friday. I have a lot of free and close to free items to pick up. I will post all my deals I already got later today hopefully. I will also post the deals I pick up after I get them.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am going to start keeping track of my coupon savings each day in a new notebook. I am still aazed at what all can be got for free or darn near free. It still amaqzes me that companies will send me items to try for free just for being honest with how I liked or disliked their prodct and blogging about it.
I mean fre DVDs and free music CDs totally rock!
Sunday I went to Bath & Body Works to get the Wallflowers that were on sale. They were just $5.00 each and with a purchase of $40.00 I had coupons to save $10.00. I had 2 of the coupons so I spent $60.00 on the Wallflowers but I was able to buy 16 sets of the refills. I will go trough those in 3 months or less. I bought a variey of flavors and started using the Cinnamon and Clove ones yesterday in the kitchen an by the kitty liter box.
WHen I got home I went online to order some from the online store.  I wanted Peppermint Twist *which is sold strictly online* and Kitchen Lemon. My local Bath & Body Works sadly does not sell that one. I bought 5 of the Peppermint Twist and 3 of te Kitchen Lemon sets. It was $40 again but I took off $10 on the site and withusing Ebates I gt 4% csh back for going throgh them!
Today I made some great deals.  I will just tell you about the first two deals from Walmart. They have their Christmas stuff for 75% off! OK yo know me nd my deals!

I bought 10 sets of Rubber Maid Take Alongs. This is a set of 2 large rectangles in th 1 gallon size. They have a lime green lid. There was also a bonus of a 1 cup twist & seal with a red lid. They were originally $3.50 but were on clearance for .75 cents! Now if I leave these places I am not worried bout not getting them back. This is not the exact set I bought but at least you can tell what I did get. Mine as I said have lime green lids and the bonus twist & seal.

I then bought 12 sets of Old Spice Classic Collection gift sets. Each set has a 2.5 oz cologne and a 2.25 oz deodorant. These were originally $5.00 each. I had 7 coupons for $1.00 off the purchase of any 2 Old Spice products. I found the extra coupon at the last minute and just tossed it in to see if it worked. It did! I paid in the end $15.00 for 12 gift sets, minus coupons for $7.00. Bringing my cost down to $8.00 for 12 gift sets! Now tell me that does not totally rock your socks off! I love the smell of this deodorant on Jason. He smells so sexy with it on!

I did splurge and buy a Lighthouse for my collection on clearance for $5.00 normally $20.00, and I bought Tony a bag of candy kisses that he loves for $1.25 on clearance.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Kellogs Pop-Tarts Wild! Grape

I received a sample of this today to try. Lets just say that I tried it and did not share with the kids or hubby! These totally rock! I am not usually a big fan of Pop Tarts but I decided to try these.
To start off with look how cute they are. I mean they are purple! Ok well they have purple frosting and lime green squiggles. How adorable can that be? The inside is a delicious grape that boarders on so sweet as to be a dessert. It was just what this mama was craving without knowing she was craving it.
I will be looking for these in stores and I honestly hope that they arrive soon being as I really want more to *sample*. :) I would give these a 5 star rating for a nice fast and delicious treat for the kids or for us moms and dads!
I have to add that I was given a free sample to try as *payment* for my honest opinion.