Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Without My Son

I am having fun relaxing here at the in laws doing nothing but sleeping and napping. Have not done any shopping save for one day. I am still trying to get my energy back but it is just wanting to hide from me.
I just talked to Tony on the cell a few minutes ago. Now I am missing him so much then before I talked to him. I had a short cry and then wiped my tears and came into the other room. I know I have to share time with families but not being around my son kills me and breaks my heart. He texted me the other day and asked when I was going to be back and when and how we were going to do Christmas. I want to be with my sweet Angelbaby!
We are going to Christmas service tonight at 7. I am not sure how long it last and that will determine if I go. I have a hard time lasting over an hour of sitting proper. I have to move around to stay comfy. The preacher also has issues with any noise when he is preaching. Excuse me but Megan is not quiet! She likes to shriek and yell and such. I am kind of curious what he will do if she does that. He has asked parents of crying/ noisy babies if they would mind leaving the tent. Oh yea service is in a tent they are wanting to build a new church building and are now stuck in a tent as they wait for funds.
I am anxious to give hubby his GPS for Christmas. I hope he likes it! He has no idea what I have for him. The kids got clothing from us is all. I still have Tony to buy for but will most likely give him money. I was going to buy him a DVD but thought he would want it sooner so I said to buy it and I will pay him for it.
I am not sure what day we are headed home here. It will be nice to sleep in my own bed again and have my own bathroom that no little boys pee on the seat. I can also cook what I like to eat and watch the calories more then I have been able to here.
Well hope you all have a Mery Christmas and hope to see some comments here!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Energy Crisis, Doctors, Naps, Gifts..... Yawn

OK first of all I hate, hate, hate having no energy. This lack of energy to do a thing is driving me bonkers.
I had Megan home today being as she was to cute sleeping. I love to watch her at peace. She is truly angelic at sleep. I want to just kiss her lips and eyes and nose. OK yea so we get up and get ready to go to her doctor appointment. Robert has to drive us being as I am not able to drive yet. We waited and waited and waited. Our appointment was for 11:15 and we saw the doctor at 12 ish. Just a weight check in for Megan *she is up to 97 pounds! We also ran a CBC check to watch her iron levels and her sugar levels. She has had low blood sugar for a while. The way to take care of that is getting her to eat. Well she has been eating so should be good.
Took the kids to lunch before appointment and after appointment I stopped at Grocery Outlet. That is all I did today. I fed Megan lunch today when we got home and she fell asleep and so I went to take a nap. Megan and hubby came in and hubby tried to take a nap but after a few he got up and Megan and I slept. I woke up around 5:30 but could not get out of bed. Fell back to sleep woke up at 6:30 and got up at 7.
I am getting Megan's teacher, para and bus driver Christmas gifts together for tomorrow. I want to make sure they get them this year before school is out for the year. Someone is always sick or on an early vacation here so we will get them all out ON TIME!
OK not sure what else to say YAWN,

Monday, December 13, 2010

Avon, Christmas, Resolutions, Prayers, and Life!

I went through some of my Avon today of my last shipment and love it. There is a huge clearance sale going on and I got some great jewelry. It is amazing that Avon really does carry great looks.
Oh yea what about Miley hitting the bong? I am not surprised but how sad. She has this great career and takes a chance on losing it? I mean she will always have a career but why take a chance on losing so much of your population? I think she will be another Lindsey Lohan and Brittney Spears. Her career has what maybe 5 more years before she is washed out and going rehab to rehab?
Christmas time has always been my time of the year. I love the meaning of Christmas to begin with don't get me wrong... but......... I love the smells, the sights, the taste, the sounds, the shopping, the craziness of Christmas! I love the giving and receiving of presents. I love the whole shebang! I have always had lights on the outside of the house and a few lawn items. My tree has always been loaded with decorations and lights. The living room, kitchen, my bathroom all get decorated! This year not much has been done. It just has not seemed like Christmas this year. I am thinking with the 2 surgeries and financial woes and family stress it was just not a huge year here. Next year watch out I will have Christmas MY way. :)
New Years goals anyone? I know what mine are and they are not weight related. My first goal is to spend 2 weeks on each room in my house and get them organized! I am talking cleared up, cleaned out and organized! Getting rid of clutter and what I can not sell I will donate. I am going to give each item 2 weeks to sell and then of it goes.
My second goal will be to get back to my blogging daily. I love when I blog it is a part of me, a way to release my creative juices. I will also be blogging my opinions on products again and I will be caught up with all of them by the end of this year. I mean on vacation I will have lots of time to do that!  I love to tell you all what I think of stuff!
My third goal will be to keep my house clean and guest ready at all times. I know having the 2 surgeries done with to where my health will come back will give me the energy to get up and clean. My last blood levels show me super anemic and I have not been unanemic in over 2 years.
Working on my marriage is a huge priority for me. It has been a rough year here on both of us. With news that I will tell soon to you all, things will get better here. A long awaited prayer has been answered. I would love to share the news but have to wait for private reasons.
Hugs and kisses and purple pony wishes!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bye Bye Aunt Flo

OK I am thinking now that having 2 surgeries within 2 months of each other was a bit much on the body. I am not complaining mind you just stating a fact. So for the details of the big hysterectomy....
I was crying 2 nights before surgery realizing that this meant no more babies ever in my tummy. I know I did not expect to ever get pregnant again but now not having a choice was hard on me. My husband does not even know how hurt I was for a bit. It was a deep agonizing pain down to my soul. It was the same pain and loss I felt when I had a miscarriage.
I know I know I am a bit weird. So OK I pull up my big girl panties and pray for an answer. I prayed for peace in my soul that this was the right decision to make. Somehow I fell asleep and woke up refreshed and knowing this was the right choice to make.
Surgery day arrives and my nerves are shot. I mean total freak outs like only I can do. Having to hold my tongue to not start fights with even the dog lol. Off to St. Josephs we go.
I get admitted into the hospital and everyone is so nice! They are cheery and joking and full of smiles and God Bless Yous! It was very nice. I got put into my little pre surgery room and dressed up in an adorable gown that takes hot air. OK I am hot most the time as is so I liked the cool part of the air for the most part. My legs are being warmed up with the air as well. I was like Violet from Willy Wonka when she at the gum and blew up! It did give me the giggles at least.
Soon I wake up, confused and sore. Lord thank you for that pain button! Ice, ice, ice, ice! I think most people say hi to family and friends first not me! I begged for ice! I think so at least.
Dr. Greene said my surgery was a difficult one. He was glad for the case he did before mine being as it gave him that extra umphs he needed. The case before mine was a bit of added trouble and mine was like yea baby cause trouble!
My 3 hours surgery turned into 5 hours. The uterus was to large to take out vaginally in one piece so he did it into 3 sections. There were 3 fibroid inside the uterus from baseball sized on Both of my ovaries were attached to my uterus so he had to de attach them. The right ovary had a large cyst on it that he took care of and he thinks that it might have fibromyalgya as well. My tummy muscles were still messed up from the gall bladder surgery so that added to the stress as well.
I had the robotic vaginal surgery so very small incisions! The itches have taken ahold of me but Benedryl takes care of that for the most part.
I am glad it is all over with now. I have been extremely exhausted and have a hard time going anywhere for any amount of time. I had hubby take me to Rite Aid and to Target yesterday and after 10 minutes in Target I was dead. I was walking, I mean shuffeling through the isles. So no major shopping just yet for me.
I am going to give my body time to heal and lose a few more pounds in the process. I have lost around 18 pounds since September 8th. Who knew surgery was so great at helping you lose weight?