Friday, August 17, 2012

Life Is Crazier!

Yea life is never calm here it seems. *Sigh* This is what I did last Friday night getting home at 5:30 in the morning and up at 9 to go get my Bountiful Basket supplies. I did not get a nap and come Sunday I slept off and on all day.
Megan had a seizure hit the floor cracked her chin open and fractured her jaw in two places. Not a fun thing to do my poor baby girl. We see the oral surgeon on Tuesday. Yea the jerk has no problem making Megan wait over a week to be seen, I have kept her drugged up on prescription medicine all week.
Robert came home already and with my having to deal with Megan I did not get the stuff done. However come Monday it will be done. I will make sure of it.
I am just wanting to say and quick hi and that I will post more later on this weekend. I have a busy day tomorrow so not sure what day it will be.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Trouble in Paradise

Hello Blogland! Yes it has been a long time since I blogged. Life has been a bit crazy, hard, sad, rough, hurtful and full of decisions these last few months. Where do I want to start and what do i want to tell?
The first thing going on is my step son who is 17 has become worse then ever. He does what he wants, stays gone all weekend, cusses up a storm, is drinking, refuses to do any chores. He is leaving tomorrow for a vacation to be with his girlfriend and her family for 2 weeks. AMEN! I will have a break from him.

The picture that you see is of his room. He has refused to clean it. Hubby put it all in bags and set it outside 3 weeks ago. I let him come back under the agreement he would do his chores and follow the rules. As you can see and read he has not done anything.
So with that said and I did give him fair warning.... When he is gone I am putting all of his stuff into boxes and trash bags. I will store his TV and game system at a different house then here. I am taking his dresser out of his room and everything off of his walls. He will be left with the futon bed that he bought and card board boxes for his clothing that he brings home. I am also taking back my blanket from Mexico that I bought that he has decided he wants. He had a comforter that he gave to Goodwill in one of his fits. He can buy a new comforter if he feels he needs one or he can be cold. I will give him a sheet to cover up with.
He will no longer have the reason for a TV being as he does not have the privilege of having electricity for fun. He will no longer have need for his PS3 being as he has no TV. He will now have to take his laundry to the laundromat. He was told he could use my washer and dryer under my supervision. He overloads them and I do not want my set broke due to his stupidity. He snuck and did a load last night, over loaded it and then he took out the 3 small wash rags I had tossed in and he set them on the dryer wadded up. Yea not a smart move when I was not happy as it was.
I took down the southern flag that he had in his room being as I find it disrespectful and he uses it to be racist. It is my and hubbies house and our rules not Robert's.
I will have to try and get more boxes to store stuff but if most goes into trash bags oh well! I also have a place where I will store the stuff where he will not have acess to.
Robert said he can rent a place on his own at 17 because he *knows* people in the industry. Hahaha we will see. He is 17, has a year left of school, and no credit. Yea I am sure he can find a place cheap. I think if he can rent a place it will be nice for him to see just what it cost to live.
He does not realize there is power, water, food, etc. If he is here he will hate it. He will have the futon in his room, and card board boxes for clothing. Once a week I will go into his room and whatever is on the floor goes to the donation box.