Thursday, June 30, 2011

People Read before Replying! *SMH*

OK I am cleaning stuff out of the house getting ready for a Goodwill run Friday morning. I offered the stuff up to Freecyclers first being as I think Goodwill prices stuff way to high. I was very specific in my add stating needed picked up tomorrow. I got a reply right off the bat saying they were interested and could pick up on Saturday. Hmm I was pretty specific in saying tomorrow. They are just up the hill from me. Not like they have to drive 20 miles. i need my van free for garage sa

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I hate this feeling I have right now. It slowly creeps up on me and then just swallows me up whole. I will be totally fine and then for no reason what so ever I feel it bit by bit taking over my body. I want to crawl into a dark room and go to sleep or just cry. I want to hide from everybody and everything. When people try to say there is no such thing or to just ask God to handle it and that if I am truly saved there is no such thing as depression it makes me angry. I was fine this morning and then just a little bit inch by inch it took over my body like a shadow. OK you know how when you are on your lap top and you pause to long and the screen slowly darkens? That is how depression attacks me.

I was chatting with some friends today on line and they are all slim. I have never been slim for as long as I can remember. Even when I was not super fat like I am now I was heavy. I never had a boyfriend from school. I wanted one but never had one. I was 16 before I had my first kiss and then it was with a guy I met cruising who was older and was thinking he was getting laid. He had red hair and a big butt. That is all I remember about him. Yea what a great first kiss.... not. My point is being as I felt so worthless I settled for what I was able to grasp at.

I need to get on an eating plan. I need to lose weight. I need to get into shape. I need to get organized. I have so much I need to do and all I want to do is sleep. *sigh*

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fun Times @ 2AM!

Woohoo baby I had some excitement at 2AM that woke me up real fast! Snicker, snicker, snicker. No not that kind of excitement sillies. I am talking doorbell ringing, cops at door, lights going, the whole she bang. Oh and for once it was not Robert!
It seems some kids did something bad and they were being chased by my local cops here.
One was in custody and the other had jumped our fence to our neighbors yard. He used our recycle bin to jump the fence lazy kid huh? In the old days he would be able to jump it on his own. Geesh what can you say about kids these days?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Angry Birds I Mean Husband

Yea i think my husband is a jerk most days lately. OK I do not think that for real I know he is a jerk most days! I am not sure why he is angry all the time it seems. Well I mean I know but it is stupid stuff that gets him going and going and going.
Heck he is the Angry Energizer Bunny! 
J is the rolling stone that gathers moss.
Yes I am ranting today. I am cleaning up a mess that was made here by someone else that is not me. Oh well it is funny that someone throwing a fit did not hurt my feelings but helped me get weeds pulled! Tossing my new plants was a childish thing to do but that is OK they are planted in the back and happy now.
just wanted to post a few words before I go out and do more planting!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Mouth Speaks Before My Brain

Yes this is something I have to really work on. i say things before thinking about what I am saying. I even type things before my brain can process what I have said. I have always been this way even when I was in junior high. I just blurt out things that amuse me. Most of the time it is funny and people laugh but I have had a sharp tongue a few times for which I am so sorry for.
It is so true that the tongue is a double edged sword. With the help of Paxil and with age I am able to hold my tongue so much better now days. Some people might say I am allowing others to walk all over me, how ever I see it as silence is golden and can say much more then words can. Have you ever tried to argue with a person who wont speak to you? It does take two to argue for it to be an argument.
I also am working on my smart ass remarks. This is something I have been known for. Yes I am a quick thinker when it comes to silly comments but some days I feel like that is all I do. It can be fun going back and forth with a person but I want to be known for more then a quirky personality.
Now I admit some times my comments are just to funny to not pop off. I have no idea why my brain works like this. my mouth opens and out comes my words just tumbling out like a prison break. I had a very funny comment to say to  hubby with his grouchiness today but i held my tongue and kept my lips zipped. He would not of found my comment funny even though it truly was at the time.
I think I am going to start carrying around a note pad to jot my funny thoughts down, or maybe I will use my record button on the cell.
Yes I am a bit off my rocker but that is why I love to write and read. it lets my brain explore different areas so I don't spontaneously combust!

Friday, June 17, 2011

I feel so alone with my rainbows

I wonder if anyone is reading my blogs any more. It is OK if I am writing for myself being as I blog for my own entertainment to start with.
I feel as if I have lost most of my friends online and off line. I do not have young kids, I do not drink or smoke, I do not party, I do not cyber, I am just me. I can feel myself pulling away from friends as we drift apart more and more. I just do not seem to have much in common with most people now days. I could easily live alone with cats and dogs and books and be happy.
I love watching Swamp People. I adore that Cajun accent they have. I want to try gator one day soon. I guess I will have to look online unless my friend Shawn sends me some! *hint, hint*. Oh yea and some beignet mix as well.
I love the rainbows here in Orting. I was outside yesterday and had the most fabulous time with the rain, sun and rainbows! Getting the double one was a blast.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ha Ha I Do Not Have To Share

The boy is in a mood now being as he does not have his truck at home and his girlfriends car is broke down. He wants to use my van tomorrow to run around town. He asked if I was using my van tomorrow and I said yes. He wanted to know where I was going and that he needed it. I said why and he said he needs to do errands and his truck is not at home and his girlfriends is broke down then he had murmuring about how that it is just ridiculous and he was getting mad. I said excuse me what did you say? He tried  to claim he was saying it is ridicules that no one has a car to use. Hey guess what? If I want to stay at home all day and do nothing I will! When someone does not do his chores, and does not pay for my gas, does not buy gifts for his family but does for his girlfriend and her family guess what? My van is off limits! He does not even bother to clean my van when he has been asked to. I think I will stay home all afternoon now and do nothing just because I can.


I love, love, love and I mean LOVE raspberries. Safeway has them on sale for $3.99 each but they are buy one get two free. I bought some last week and they were to die for. I bought some today and just ate two of the packages but they were just so so. There were a few with that orgasmically delicious flavor that I lust after. Most were just there no taste at all. What a bummer, I was so desiring that delicious summer explosion to burst forth in my mouth.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Major Depression Here

I love shoes I am a shoe a holic. i went to my food doctor today and was told I have to wear real shoes. Heels are OK for a short time like church and such but I am to wear good arched shoes all day!!! OK I am always barefoot or in flip flops and the like. I have a ton a fun summer shoes and was getting a pedi next week to show of my toes. now they shall be covered in socks and shoes. I am so depressed.
I mean look at how cute my shoes are. I have sparkles and I have some brown heels that rock. I even have adorable shiny red shoes. Now they have to be worn sparingly. I have every right to be depressed right?
The good news is that if I follow the doctors orders my feet will get better and my arches will be good as new. Then I get to wear my shoes again when I want to!
I had to get cortisone shots in each foot as well today. Yea not one of my better days for fun huh?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting Old Sucks

I wish I had enjoyed being young when I was young. Now that I am almost 47, I understand why the older people talked about the joy of youth. I see know what they meant when they talked about their bones hurting, how bad today's music is, how wild the kids of today are, how easy kids have it, etc. I sound like my grandparents did when I was 16!
i am now post menopausal, I have arthritis in my joints, my arches have fallen, my eyes are going down hill. oh yea and I am still anemic which is the main concern with the doctor. Oh and do not forget the mass in my left breast that has to be checked every 6 months.
Good news is my blood pressure was 120/70 at the doctors on Wednesday and that was after having a caramel frappe! My sugar levels are good as are my cholesterol levels. I am also being faithful to taking my medicine at bedtime.
I have scheduled my mammogram, my OT for my hands as well as my appointment with the Podiatrist, I still have to make an appointment for my eyes and check to see how far my eye disease has progressed. I am so thankful to God for allowing me to have insurance. I sure have made use of it!
I am working on clearing out the spare bedroom of all of the junk. I am tossing stuff and getting ready to garage sale stuff or donate stuff. I just do not really care to have a garage sale for the most part. Yes I might make $100 for two days of work but it is easier and faster to donate it.
Hey how do you like my bathroom? I changed it to flamingos and did it for very little cost. I have added a few new touches to it and will take pictures to show off how cute it is. I love to sit in my bathroom and just enjoy how cute it is. I know how weird right? I mean this is definitely a girls bathroom. To think this all happened because I bought a fluffy pink bath rug at Walmart on clearance.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Fantastic Party

i had do much fun throwing Jason his party on Saturday. We had people come and go at different times so it was just perfect. the weather was the nicest day we have had since last year. It was warm with a lovely breeze. The guest were all so sweet and lovely to be able to come at the last minute. Jason even wore the Birthday hat I bought him and his over the Hill bling necklace I bought him as well! He was a very gracious birthday boy. He was so fun to watch as people would stop by and wish him a happy birthday. He had a grin on his face all day long.
i was so busy with being a good host I didn't get to visit as much as I wanted to but it was Jason's day. I forgot to serve the cole slaw and the macaroni salad even! i also forgot to bake the pizza rolls and the jalapeno poppers. We had enough food and our friends all seemed to like what I had made.
I did not get Jason a cake but instead I made Rise Krispie treats and then I had bought large marshmallows and coated them in chocolate. They were a hit! The food was a pot of beans, Lil smokies in BBQ sauce, meatballs in BBQ sauce, chips, tortilla chips, dips, salsa, cheese ball, olives, lots of candy in cute dishes. Not sure what else I had here. Oh yea I made wraps that were really popular. I want to have more parties here, I love having friends over it is my *happy happy*.
I had flamingos all over the place even the front door has a flamingo over it. I was going to take pictures but my memory card was missing and I was not able to find it in my purse where I tossed it. I will take pictures today of what is left.
Robert had his friend Kevin over and later his girlfriend Ciera and her sister Kayley came over. Oh add in the neighbor boy as well. It was fun hearing the kids in the house being kids and not young adults!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review: Heel Tastic

I am in love with this stuff! I have mentioned before how well it works but thought it deserved a second Rave! I honestly have some of the worst heels the are tough, cracked with deep craters to China,would snag my nylons, etc. I some how manage to lose my jars of Heel Tastic all the time and then stop using them for a while. I started back to using this 2 days ago and my heels are looking snazzy again. My heels are almost summer time ready!
OK went to the Dr's. again for blood work and I am still anemic, and now I am testing for pre menopause, thyroid, and arthritis. I have never been tested for the M word before but have had signs for years they are just getting almost unbearable this last month. my joints have been killing me I just try to ignore the pain. Until the Dr. asked how often my joints hurt or how bad they hurt, I had never realized how much they hurt! I was borderline with my thyroid 3 months ago so she wanted to re test. She emailed me to make an appointment to follow up on the test results. I will find out what is going on in a week. I might see if we can do a phone chat as well just to see what is up sooner.
I have not been able to get my cleaning done as fast as wanted. I just have not had the energy yet. I can still lay down in my char and be asleep in 5 minutes. When I go to bed I stay awake thinking of what I need to do!
I am having a surprise 40th party for Jason on Saturday. I am not sure if any one will show up but our friend Jo. I was afraid to invite many people being as his schedule was up in the air. Oh yea and as of today he is on mandatory overtime. He also started on the van pool today. If he is forced to do the overtime then he loses out on the van pool money he spent and has to drive costing more in gas again. Ah chi waa waa!
OK going to do more cleaning for a bit! XOXOXO