Monday, May 31, 2010

Icky Muggy Weather

I do not like this muggy weather we are having. Add in my hot flashes and I could melt an iceberg. I think I am the cause of global warming.
It will be nice having the kids back in school tomorrow. They just had a four day weekend and this coming weekend is a three day weekend. I guess the kids are just in school for three days this week, It is insane how little they seem to go.
I will be posting the freebies I have gotten lately tomorrow. I love my freebies, my coupons, my great finds and all of that stuff.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Friend + Enemy + Frenemy?

I am not sure if some people are friends or enemies. I guess that being I am not sure of their loyalty, honesty, trustworthiness, etc. that they might be in the frenemy group. I seem to have acquired a few of these. To be honest I have done nothing to these people but be honest, trustworthy, loyal, etc. If I am your friend I am your friend. I will do anything that you need of me that I am able to do. Even when you show your *evil* side I still will be your friend. I will be your friend until you mess with my family. Push me to far and I will be your worst nightmare. I have a memory that remember weird things that I am told. Things some may not ant repeated. Not a threat just a thought I needed to think out loud. :)
Megan is doing better right now. I am thankful she is doing better. I was worn out from the one bad night of seizures. It is still taking its toll on me. I want to sleep and sleep and sleep. I have been worried about Megan and found out yesterday around noon that a friend passed away. Tom is Jo's husband, she is the lady that comes to dinner at my house on Thursdays. I adore this lady she is like my sister now. I was heart broken when I got the call. I could feel her pain and wanted to hug her and make it all better for her. I know Tom is in heaven and is whole, is not in pain, is dancing with joy. Yet there is part of me that misses him and his life with Jo.
I had my first home visit with the CPS caseworker today. It went just fine just like I knew it would. I have been through this with Robert with his behaviors so I don't freak out like I used to. Paxil is a blessing that I love. :) Both of the boys know that when they push me to far they do get a lot of chores. Boys bathroom was cleaned by Zekiah as well as the kitchen floor being swept. Robert has the dishwasher unloading this week as well as getting to vacuum the house. They both know if they whine they get added chores. Oh and Robert gets to load up the inside garbage and Zekiah was in charge of picking up the trash from outside that the dog got into.
I was able to get in on the free Tropicana coupon today through face book and Tropicana points. I got a few other free face book offers as well. I love how companies are now offering freebies to join their site. Oh yea some popchips yesterday or the day before as well.
Oh I will blog later off to check out the site for the clearance sale!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ready for Bed

Well I am about ready to go to bed and read for a bit. It was a long night but thankfully Megan is sleeping and is still seizure free since 1 PM today.
Zekiah left for his visitation with is mom today. I attacked his room. There is this horrible smell radiating from his room. It smells like rotten shoes to be honest. I am not sure if it is the new shoes he just got and trashed or the dirty clothing he hid under the bed. I boxed up all his toys and was able to go from about 6 boxes down to one large box. The clothing is all hanging up or in the laundry basket. Candy wrappers, Popsicle wrappers, soda cans, moldy oranges, etc. are all trashed now. The bed is made with fresh and new bedding. I will vacuum it tomorrow and if the shoes are what made the room stink they are going into the trash this weekend and he can wear flip flogs or his mom can buy new ones for him or CPS can. I will not gag at the rancid order from the room now. He has his books to read and that is bout all I left him. The CD player is up and away and the copied CDs that were tossed all over the room shoved in spots were tossed. I do not like or approve of the lyrics and was tired of the one CD being blasted. He can recopy them when he is back with his mom. Oh I spent over 3 hours on that room. I really am not happy it was trashed to that degree.
I am having fun blogging again and doing my product trials and getting my freebies going again. I got a pair of AE shoes off Listia today and a Wii game of the Simpsons. I love using Listia for bidding on new items and sharing stuff that I no longer want and earning my bidding points for them.

Seizure Alert

Megan is home today after having a rough weekend seizure wise. Sunday at 5 AM, 1PM, 4PM, 9 PM, Monday 2 AM, 4 AM, 8 AM, 9 AM and now one at 9:35 AM. She is wore out and so am I now with the ones last night and me keeping an eye on her. Some may not know but Megan now shares my room with me so I can watch for seizures being as she is having silent ones that were missed before. Hubby is in the spare room now being as the dog and cat kill his allergies and he needs to sleep and Megan is way to wild to get the sleep that he needs to get.
On the bright side I have gotten some offers from different companies to try their products and blog them or face book them. I love getting to offer my opinion on stuff. Who knew that the quiet shy girl I was in high school would turn out to be so vocal as an adult?
I am very vocal when it comes to Megan. At times I need to reel it in a bit. I think back to school and how quiet, shy and insecure I was. Boys scared the bejebeezs out of me and if they said hi I would turn beet red and about cry. Wow did that ever change for me as I grew up. I talk to every one now days. I like the adult me better then the girl I was in school.
I have been up a short time but I am going to go sneak in a nap for a bit and try to catch up on some Zs.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


There was visitation today for the boys and their mom. It is just so weird to me to have had Zekiah now for what a month? I would have a hard time knowing my child was so close to me and yet I was not allowed to see him unless it was with supervision and at certain times. I hope the family is reunited soon and life here gets back to semi normal.
I am going to have Mathias and his mom bake brownies tomorrow. He loves to bake and it gives them something fun to do together. I know it is not my job to figure out stuff to make a visit go smoothly but I want the best time for the boys. Zekiah was teasing today and asking him Mom if we could all run away to Oregon and change our names. He then was asking her if she would spend the night with him. How sweet is that? I was told by CPS and CASA that he was getting sick and throwing up and having major headaches after the visits with his mom. I suggested that maybe it was that he was leaving his mom and going back to the grandparents house. They did not seem to want to believe me that 2 months ago he was fine at the visits here when he stayed the night. Guess what he has been fine after all the visits with her here this last month and he ask when he gets to see her and he wants to go to her house and see her. That is such a good sign! AMEN!
Hey guess what? Christmas is in just over 7 months! I love the CHristmas season and how happy people are. I love the reason for the season and the music and oh yea just all of it! Merry CHristmas 7 months early!
Love ya all, XOXOXO Daphne

I am whooped :)

This is from the nursery at church when I caught two of my little cuties sneaking peaks through the window! I thought it was just to funny.

I am whooped today and ready to go read in bed. I woke up an hour early being as my clock was moved forward an hour some how. I meant to get up at 7:30 but was up at 6:30 and was 7:15 before I realised the time mess up.
I had a DDD parent provider class today in Tacoma at 9AM that lasted until 4:30. The class was very informative and I learnt a lot. It was not about caring for your child as much as being a provider and learning more how to access the services available to you and your kid to the fullest extint. There was a lot covered and a lot I plan to start working on come Monday.
OK this is Friday night when class is out. I hit the Freeway I-5 at 4:45 on a dang Friday! Need I say much more? I am just thankful it was not a class in Seattle today after the first bit of traffic I was able to get off at the Puyallup exit and cruise on home.
Oh yea wait I was also getting calls and text about the FAST intake counselors coming tonight at 5. OK I finally got a call at 4:45 on my way home saying they can come out and meet with Zekiah and me and his mom. Hmmm yea OK but hmmm I am still in traffic, need to relax a few moments and have to start dinner!
I rush home, yell at the kids to pick up their dang messes, yell at the kids about a sink full of dishes, *the dishes were all Megan's the whole sink full of dirty dishes* lol yea right sure. Loaded up the dishwasher and started my quick dinner of fries and hamburgers.
At 6:00 Zekiahs mom shows up with her hubby Jason and the first FAST counselor shows up at same time, 5 minutes later Dave the other FAST counselor is here. House full of hungry kids, teenagers, monsters! Get them all eating while talking to all 4 adults, finding chairs, etc. Yippie meeting is over at 7:30! Now do I get to eat dinner?
Oh forgot to add that while I was gone that Dan called to see if Mathias can camp out at my house tomorrow night being as he has plans. OK I am giving up every other weekend for visitations because I am nice and feel the boys and the mom need a safe place to visit where they are comfy and not have a stranger breathing down their necks. 6 hours Saturday and Sunday every other week. Now the dad of the youngest boy wants to go party and have me watch his kid all dang weekend basically? I am not paid for any of this I do it because I feel God wants me to. I do it because I love the boys to pieces and feel I can be good in their lives. I do not like being taken advantage of and I would love a weekend with no kids and get to go *party* all weekend yet I am watching the oldest boy as if he is mine and the dad wants to dump the youngest on me to? It is just for the night and not really a big deal and I feel the boys need the time together with no dad, step dad, mom, papa, nana, case worker, etc. I most likely will do it for the boys not for the dad, not for the mom but being as I feel the boys need time together. I guess I am not sure what I am saying. Most likely I will have both boys at church on Sunday!
OK xoxoxo off to bed!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Migraine and Dental Cleaning

I had a dental cleaning this morning at Brite Now Dental, They are really nice here and very friendly. I went to the Puyallup office being as the dental insurance changed recently. I was waiting to be checked out when an older lady asked me if I was new there and what I thought. I told her that they were great and that Brite Now was actually cheaper then what the other dentist offices were that the charges were less then what we had paid with the other office and insurance. I told her she would like them I hoped and wished her a good day and visit! I felt like I was doing a blog review for her! :)
I went to Goodwill and bought a flip flop charm for 99 cents and almost bought a patio set for $79 but the seats were not that comfy so I passed. I would rather pay more for a set that I will like to sit at.
I had printed off my coupon for my free Cherry Limeade drink at Tacobell and was happy with how yummy it was! I recommend this drink to all of you! Go to and in the lower left hand corner there is a link to get the coupon. I was able to print off two free drink coupons!
Dollar Tree was my last stop. I bought a lot of stuff for Megan's graduation party next month. I am going to do a tropical theme for her with lots of flamingo stuff. *Heh heh heh* I also bought me a new book that I will start to read in the next day or two.
Oh yes the migraine part of my title. I got home and was not feeling that great. Around 2:30 ish when Rena got here for Megan I saw Megan and then went to take a nap. My head was pounding by this time and making a coherent sentence was impossible. I was supposed to take Zekiah to get his stitches out but there was no way I could drive and now way I could of even talked to the Dr. to say what I needed. We will do that tomorrow when he gets home.
Love to all of you! Daphne

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Am Alone!!!!!!!

Woohoo I am finally alone at the house! No husband off work on an LNI claim, no kids home sick or in trouble or well you get the picture. It is quiet, I am alone, I am happy. It is weird as much as I love to be around people I love to be alone. I like the quietness, the stillness, the privacy, the aloneness.
I am going to make a list of stuff to do today and mark them off as I get them done. That is the only way I seem to be able to finish anyting is if it is on my list. I will be bloging each day at least once. Blogging for me is fun and a release of pent up emotions the good and the bad.                                                                                                       
These are the last 2 dresses I bought for Megan. I love how girly they are. Yes I know the socks do not match the dresses but her feet were cold and I just wanted to make sure the dresses fit. I was a bit irriated at her PCA who thinks she knows everything and needs to comment on it. She said the dresses were cute but were a but high wasited. OK I do not care if that is true or not the dresses are adoreable on Megan and were affordable. Why bring a negative coment ito the conversation when I am so happy to have something for Megan that is this cute and adoreable?
I am also working on my freebies again and filling out the forms for my freebies. I have re started again on my coupons and have to cut and files this weeks coupons and file the last 2 weeks of coupons. I have been slacking. I am also getting back into my sample sites where I get products to try for free and blog about them or talk about them or however the company sees fit. Oh and back to filling out applications for House Party!
I am still using Lista for my free shopping! I love Lista and have gotten some really nice things so far. I have also spent a bit on shopping but it sill comes out cheaper in the end and it is fun. I have never seen the flamingo charm that I won so stuff like that is fun. I also won 2 games for the new Wii so that was a great deal, and I won a pair of American Eagle sandles last night.
OK going to go make a list and get my morning moving! XOXOXO

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mail Call!

OK what was in your mailbox today? I know other then junk mail and bills? I am talking freebies here people!
Today my mailbox brought me my professional sample of NeilMed Sinus Rinse. I sure needed this last week but hey it will be handy again soon with all the cottonwood flying around outside.
I also got my coupon from Kraft First Taste for my free package of Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon up to $4.00 and an additional coupon to save $1.50 off a package of Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon. I am hoping that this turkey bacon will taste better then the last turkey bacon I bought.
I just finished up another book that I bought at Dollar Tree. It was about so many different things! It was a romance book with a mystery in it, before cars were really the norm, horse drawn carriages were the norm and the telephone was a bit of a pain. OK now the phone is still a pain lol some things never change! Part of the book takes place in Egypt at a dig to discover a tomb. It was so interesting to hear the outfits described and hearing people addressed as Lord and Lady. People did not marry *below* their class, etc. The book is called Reckless and it is by Shannon Drake. I will say it once again.... I love Dollar Tree for the books I get there!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sinus Infection

I am suffering with a sinus infection now. I will go to the Doctor's tomorrow if it is not any better by then. My whole face is in pain even my gums are hurting today. I do not like being sick!
I am working on getting Kia into school. It is going to be a huge fight and I am not able to make all sides happy so I am doing what I need to do for me. I need my alone time and Kia needs to be in school.
I need to get back onto a regular schedule. I need to finish up a few things that have gone to the wayside here. I need my life back in order and my family happy and healthy. I need to get Megans seizures back under control.
I received my final payment from my grammas estate. What a blessing it was to receive but I would rather have my gramma back with me. I no longer have my dad, any grammas or any grandpas with me. They are in heaven and happy I know that but I sure do miss them.
It is so weird how as the world goes on it seems families move apart more and more. I have not seen my cousins in years and then it has just been for funerals and the like. I miss having family reunions and playing with everyone. If we have a reunion now I will be one of the old farts that sits and talks with the other old farts I will no longer be a kid that is carefree running all over the park, poking at ant hills, jumping in the river, tossing water balloons, etc.
When I was a kid I got to see my cousins at least once a year for a few days at a time. Now days I could live next door to one and not even know we were related. How is it that when I was a kid we all knew each other and now that we are adults when we could go see each other we have drifted so far apart? It is so sad and lately has been haunting me. My son Tony does not know the family on my side for the most part and my husband and his kids have no idea who anyone on my side is. My Gray family never got to meet most of my relatives before they passed on.
I guess I am just a bit melencoly today. :(