Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stuff and More Stuff

Every now and then I get a great deal at Goodwill. I was in on Monday and found these glasses that had just been put out. I was so excited to get these. I wanted them back when they were offered at McDonalds but I never buy value meals. I paid .99 cents for each glass.
I have also been getting in on the .99 cent colored tag sale day. I have bought a lot of dresses for Megan for just .99 cents. Oh and a few skirts as well. I am talking Ambrocombie skirts and name brands like that. I love to pair a set of leggings with the skirts for a cute and fun look. I am loving the 60s style of skirts. I saw a couple a few weeks ago and said if they go for .99 cents I will get them. i was stoked when they did! Oh I have also bought a few fancy dresses for Megan as well. I plan on getting her pictures done in them.
So onto the show Extreme Couponing. I coupon and I do really well but nothing compared to what these people do. In this area no one does double or triple coupons. A lot of stores are no longer accepting Internet coupons, or Internet coupons for free items. It is becoming a pain in the butt at times.
OK anyhow these extreme couponers are hoarders to me. You do not eat mustard but you have to have 65 jars of it being as you have coupons? That is stupid. Having more of any item that you can use before they expire is hoarding. Having to have entire rooms. garages, etc. just for grocery over flows? I am not talking a rack of stuff I am talking 500 boxes of cereal, 500 deodorants or whatever. It is insane. 100 cups of yogurt? I hope she donates some!
I know a lot of the extreme couponers use a coupon cutting service. I am not sure what they cost  or how to find a trustworthy one. I was against them but thinking might be worth them for some items. I need to check into them.