Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random Thoughts

I was in the chat room today and people were freaking out over a *missing* chatter. Believe it or not people do get busy with life! People were iming this missing chatter and so worried. Guess what?? She has a life! She is busy with day to day activities! Geesh it is funny how some were acting so worried.
Tonight I am making cheese ravioli's with red sauce. I will bake some Texas Garlic Toast as well. I have not decided on what vegetable to have yet. I would love broccoli or asparagus but we are out of both. I do not feel like having green beans or corn. I have a package of brussel sprouts but gag they are rank.
School starts on Tuesday here. I am so thankful for it to start. I have have demon child under foot since January. I have not been left alone in over 7 month. I love to have the house to myself. I love to sneak in a nap naked and not worry about someone walking in. I love to have my quiet time to read my bible or do my bible studies. I love to be able to clean house and play my music LOUD. I love to rock out to Phantom of the Opera.
I will slowly be starting on Christmas gifts when school is back in. I will have my house spotless by the end of September. I plan on starting a walking routine. I plan on making weekly menus. I want to be organized! I want to be free to do what I want when I want!


  1. And you need well as deserve that! Love ya hun! HUGS

  2. was just reading through your posts, and if this is what you're really craving,,,,,,some peace and me time, then I think maybe watching two little ones will be really difficult. I understand this, because I am really looking for peace and some quiet time too!