Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting Older Sucks

Yes I am thankful for getting older and all of that so get off my case before I even start this blog. I do not need to hear how things could be worse, etc. This is my blog so i write how I am feeling so there. Plttttttt.
I turned 47 last Thursday. I went to my first physical therapy appointment for my feet. yea I found out I am messed up. my feet have no arch, They are at a negative 30 not even at neutral and need to be at a positive 30 or something like that. my calve muscles are to short and i have to work at stretching them longer *meaning pain*, my thigh muscles need to lengthen as well.
The shoes that my podiatrist said were fine the PT said NO! The sandals the podiatrist said were fine the PT said NO!
I have two pairs of shoes that have been worn that I am not supposed to wear for now. My new pair of tennis shoes i have to return. I have two pairs of the sandals that i wore so now I am out that money as well. PT said no sandals what so ever until my feet are back to the right arch. I do not get to ever wear my heels to church! They are all getting boxed up and stored for now. Podiatrist said heels were fine to wear for a few hours to church and PT said NO NO NO.
What else is wrong with me? I got my first set of labs back and I am still anemic. Like duh I thought I was being as I never have enough sleep. My ferratin was still 19, same as it was 4 months ago! it has not raised at all  with no more bleeding. I was so upset when I saw that the number did not raise. I will find out more levels when the CBC is all done.
I want energy, I want to feel good, I want no more pain. I want to be 16 again! lol just kidding...... well maybe I am not sure right now!
Oh and the arthritis in my hands is getting a lot more painful. The fingers hurt 24/7. I usually ignore the pain but it is a constant nagging at me. Closing my hands into a fist hurts. stretching my hands out hurts. I do admit I love my warm paraffin melter. Having my hands wrapped in warm paraffin  really does feel nice to me.
Oh I go to the opthamologist next month. I am going to see how much the vision has changed and how bad the eye disorder has become. I am going to ask about the special contacts, and about cornea transplants. I need to do something or give up driving I guess.