Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Things I love

One of my favorite things that I *love* is my Bosch mixer. I have had it since my first marriage back in 1994. It has the beaters, the dough blade, some metal things to chop and shred as well as a blender. I actually have 2 blenders to go with it being as I found one at a garage sale for like 50 cents a few years ago. My parents paid a lot for it back in 1994 but it still works just as good as new. It may not be as pretty as it was when new but how many mixers last for over 25 years?

I*love* Huggable Hangers. They are those slim hangers with like a felt covering. They work amazing and allow so much more room in the closet. For a while I was into the wooden hangers but they are so bulky. I now have most of my clothing hanging on pink Huggable Hangers! I have some like you see in the picture and the others are just the hanger without the bottom bar part. I have to go with these clips to hang skirts and little hooks to hang the hangers on each other. I do that to the clothing that is not in season or is still to small for me to wear.

I love Aqua Globes. I have 2 sets of the large ones that came out originally and today I bought a set of the mini ones. I forget to water my pants all the time and these save them. I have a Pothos that was split into 3 parts after we moved here 3 years ago. It never quite recovered but now that they get water all the time it is amazing how well they are doing!
So for tonight those are my 3 favorite items that I have right now that I love!

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