Monday, August 17, 2009

Bargainless day today

I got up this morning and decided to go to town all alone! I love that little bit of freedom to look at what I want where I want as long as I want to. Well the PCA got here and then informed me she had to leave early today for a Doctors appointment. I wish she would of called me before she came being as I needed more time in town and it would of been easier to take Megan with me.

Oh well C'est la vie right?

I still decided to go to town. I went to Goodwill and found nothing! I mean really nothing was worth my money there today.

I then went to Rite Aid and found some potting soil for 75% off as well as a Burt's Bee's gift set for 75% off.

The gift set has a full size lip balm, *in a nice red*

.47 bottle of peppermint foot lotion,

1 ounce bottle of milk & honey lotion *smells like heaven*

.25 ounce radiance day cream with royal jelly

.30 ounce lemon butter cuticle creme

.30 ounce hand salve.
The picture is not the kit I got exactly but is pretty close to it. As soon as Miss Rena gets here I am going to town again to pay my Target bill and to look around a little bit.
I also went to The Salvation Army but found nothing there either. I stopped off at Macy's on the way home but I ran out of time to look at anything long enough to decide if I wanted it or not. I will post more later today when I get home if I find any bargains today!

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