Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bon Jour

Heck I am not sure what to say right now. It is a lovely day here in Orting. I am sitting at my computer in my room with the window open and a nice warm breeze flowing in. The cat is sitting in the window still looking outside. She loves to sit there and watch the outside world.
I have been posting stuff on Craigslist today. The servers are down right now so I am kind of stuck. I decided to post here a bit. I also got a load of clothing in the dryer right now. I love the smell of fresh laundry.
I have CD by Diane Birch on. She has a beautiful voice. She is a folk singer but has more of an updated sound. I did a review of this CD a while ago for Oxygen I believe it was. It is very up lifting and happy. It is just the sound I need right now to keep me sane.
I am still having major anger at Robert for his lies. I have prayed for understanding, comfort, forgiveness, etc. I am wanting to hold on to my anger. I have done so much for this ungrateful child and I keep getting treated like a pile of poop. How he could say I punched him in the face. I have never punched anyone in the face! I have never threatened his life! I still have not got to tell Jason what was said.
Jason has been in a nasty mood the last few days as well. He comes home late from side jobs after dinner has sat for 2 hours. No call home to tell me he willl be late. When I try and talk he tunes me out. He wants to relax and not hear any complaints over Robert. He says Robert calls him all day to complain about me. Huh? Robert is never here to fight with me. He gets mad if I say no one at the house when I am not there. He gets mad when I say no to his music and no to hurting the pets. He gets mad when I remind him of his chores. He gets mad when I point out he ate 3/4 of the rack of ribs and I ended up with none and his Dad got what was left. He gets mad when I wont take him places or buy him stuff. Guess what Lil man? You made your bed you lie in it.
Tonight for dinner I am making chicken nuggets and will add teriyaki sauce to cover them and I will add mixed vegetables to them and have a kind of Chinese food. I will also have rice with it.
Well I am back to posting stuff for sale so hope yuou all have a blessed day!

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