Sunday, August 29, 2010


I am going to meet a long time chat buddy in just a bit. Her and her hubby are coming for lunch and to visit me! I have known Cynthia for over five years not sure how long to be honest. The day will be filled with lots of giggles and grins. Get to women chatting and the poor men will have to zone out lol. I hope they get here soon I am so excited! Prayers that they make it and didn't get lost. I will post pictures here later!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tonight & Ready for Bed

Just wanted to pop in and say goodnight. I have a lot to do and I can not seem to remember what I have to do when I have the time to do what needs to be done.
Hubby has lost hours at work like mad. He is making about half the amount he was 6 months ago now and it is not enough to cover the mortgage now. I have been paying bills as they come in but a little bit of money can just go so far.
I have to look into unemployment for hubby being as he is down to around 40 hours for the last two weeks compared to the 100 hours we were used to. He is also having to drive from Orting clear up to Kirkland for a two hour job. He does not get mileage or nothing for his time. He makes maybe $10 an hour on those days.
I was going to get my nails done but now that he told me how few hours he is getting I have changed my mind. I can do my own manicure. I really want to get a pedicure but guess that is a no go now as well.
Tomorrow I will be making a list and marking off stuff as I get it done. I am going to try one more time to sell on Craigslist and then it is off to see if anyone at church can use the items and then I will freecycle the stuff. I have a bookshelf of stuff I need to sell or give away.
We have a friend that is going through a nasty divorce. This guy was making over 1.9 million 3 years ago. This year he is going to make around $90,000 I think I was told. OK that is a lot more then we are making this year! Yet he is broke with this amount? OK he has bigger bills but come on! Jason went and painted a bedroom for him that he is moving into and did some other work. Jason was gone all dang day. OK what did Jason charge him? Gas money is all. Yes my husband is nice but come on to me that is BS! Jason could of been here working on his resume and doing a job search and stuff. Grrrrr I am irritated.
OK as for the picture it is a tractor pulling a tray thingy that burns the fields! It was way to cool to not stop and take a picture. I was surprised it was allowed being as there is a no burn ban going on here. I made Robert pull over so we could watch it.
I guess I am to easily amused. :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hoping Life is Back to NormalHi

Hello to all of my long lost friends! I am still alive and thinking now that my life is going to get back to normal for me. So much has been going on here that any computer time I got I wanted to chill and play Farmville to escape.
Lets see where to start? I had to give Zekiah back to the state due to behaviors with him escalating, his mother being a total psycho bitch, the state not holding up on their side of the bargain, etc., etc., etc.
He was moved to foster care last Wednesday and it about killed me to let him go. If I could of had all the say in his up bringing and been able to discipline as I wanted to then he would of been fine. When you add in his crazy, unfit, abusive, bi polar mother then it will not work out. Zekiah got to the point where he was calling me mom even. Now that he is out of the house there is a huge calm that has settled over the house. I was shocked at how much stress he had me under.
I am selling Avon now as well. I wanted a way to earn a little bit of money for me and I had a ton of friends that were wanting me to sell so they could order Avon from me online. Now that I have made an investment in Avon all of those friends have not bothered to order a thing from me. It has just been me and my friend Jo doing all the ordering. I am hoping to attend the Avon sales meetings once school starts. Right now they are on a Monday at noon or six and neither time works for me here.
I colored my hair with what was supposed to be a dark brown and on me it turned black! OK guess it is fun for now but I really wanted to be back to my normal color. I want to see about adding in some color strips of like blonde's and reds, blues and purples! I want to be a rainbow brite! lol Joking!
The kids start school here on September 1st. Wow three more weeks until I am free to do what I want. I can not believe how fast summer has gone by. I have to change my mind thinking or that will really depress me knowing fall is coming on.
I am going to start really trying to lose weight once school starts. I am back up to my highest weight ever and I hate it. I will be happy being 160 pounds again and for most people that would be fat! Hey I want healthier not perfection! I want to be able to enjoy food and enjoy cooking all my new and different recipes.
OK I have to explain the pictures above. I love to dress Megan up and this is a cute costume I bought for her at a garage sale last weekend. I am going to find some black shoes or maybe pink shoes to go with the out fit. I am thinking of having her wear it to school even. OK not the hat and kerchief but the dress. She is just to darn adorable in it!