Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review: Heel Tastic

I am in love with this stuff! I have mentioned before how well it works but thought it deserved a second Rave! I honestly have some of the worst heels the are tough, cracked with deep craters to China,would snag my nylons, etc. I some how manage to lose my jars of Heel Tastic all the time and then stop using them for a while. I started back to using this 2 days ago and my heels are looking snazzy again. My heels are almost summer time ready!
OK went to the Dr's. again for blood work and I am still anemic, and now I am testing for pre menopause, thyroid, and arthritis. I have never been tested for the M word before but have had signs for years they are just getting almost unbearable this last month. my joints have been killing me I just try to ignore the pain. Until the Dr. asked how often my joints hurt or how bad they hurt, I had never realized how much they hurt! I was borderline with my thyroid 3 months ago so she wanted to re test. She emailed me to make an appointment to follow up on the test results. I will find out what is going on in a week. I might see if we can do a phone chat as well just to see what is up sooner.
I have not been able to get my cleaning done as fast as wanted. I just have not had the energy yet. I can still lay down in my char and be asleep in 5 minutes. When I go to bed I stay awake thinking of what I need to do!
I am having a surprise 40th party for Jason on Saturday. I am not sure if any one will show up but our friend Jo. I was afraid to invite many people being as his schedule was up in the air. Oh yea and as of today he is on mandatory overtime. He also started on the van pool today. If he is forced to do the overtime then he loses out on the van pool money he spent and has to drive costing more in gas again. Ah chi waa waa!
OK going to do more cleaning for a bit! XOXOXO

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