Sunday, May 29, 2011

Review: Goody Spin Pin

I bought the on sale Friday to give them a try and see if they worked. I really thought I would be returning them so I kept the receipt handy. I keep my hair off neck most of the time and wanted to give pony tails a break. These look painful and weird but guess what? I love them! They are easy to use after a few tries. My hair is still shortish and different layers so I played around to see what worked best for me. I have a kind of flat bun but it is off my neck and fun. It is funny in the AM when I brush out my hair after having these in over night. I have a FULL head of hair lol.Maybe I will snap a picture in the morning.
OK I texted people and put the party on face book. I have to get invitations to church members in the morning. I will be getting the rest of the house in shape this week. So not a lot to say but YAY to blogging!

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  1. Stupid thing! I think it is owned by yahoo or zynga LOL! I've tried to post three times and never seem to SEE thew post to be sure it is there! Just wanted to say nice to see you back to blogging!