Monday, June 6, 2011

Fantastic Party

i had do much fun throwing Jason his party on Saturday. We had people come and go at different times so it was just perfect. the weather was the nicest day we have had since last year. It was warm with a lovely breeze. The guest were all so sweet and lovely to be able to come at the last minute. Jason even wore the Birthday hat I bought him and his over the Hill bling necklace I bought him as well! He was a very gracious birthday boy. He was so fun to watch as people would stop by and wish him a happy birthday. He had a grin on his face all day long.
i was so busy with being a good host I didn't get to visit as much as I wanted to but it was Jason's day. I forgot to serve the cole slaw and the macaroni salad even! i also forgot to bake the pizza rolls and the jalapeno poppers. We had enough food and our friends all seemed to like what I had made.
I did not get Jason a cake but instead I made Rise Krispie treats and then I had bought large marshmallows and coated them in chocolate. They were a hit! The food was a pot of beans, Lil smokies in BBQ sauce, meatballs in BBQ sauce, chips, tortilla chips, dips, salsa, cheese ball, olives, lots of candy in cute dishes. Not sure what else I had here. Oh yea I made wraps that were really popular. I want to have more parties here, I love having friends over it is my *happy happy*.
I had flamingos all over the place even the front door has a flamingo over it. I was going to take pictures but my memory card was missing and I was not able to find it in my purse where I tossed it. I will take pictures today of what is left.
Robert had his friend Kevin over and later his girlfriend Ciera and her sister Kayley came over. Oh add in the neighbor boy as well. It was fun hearing the kids in the house being kids and not young adults!

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