Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting Old Sucks

I wish I had enjoyed being young when I was young. Now that I am almost 47, I understand why the older people talked about the joy of youth. I see know what they meant when they talked about their bones hurting, how bad today's music is, how wild the kids of today are, how easy kids have it, etc. I sound like my grandparents did when I was 16!
i am now post menopausal, I have arthritis in my joints, my arches have fallen, my eyes are going down hill. oh yea and I am still anemic which is the main concern with the doctor. Oh and do not forget the mass in my left breast that has to be checked every 6 months.
Good news is my blood pressure was 120/70 at the doctors on Wednesday and that was after having a caramel frappe! My sugar levels are good as are my cholesterol levels. I am also being faithful to taking my medicine at bedtime.
I have scheduled my mammogram, my OT for my hands as well as my appointment with the Podiatrist, I still have to make an appointment for my eyes and check to see how far my eye disease has progressed. I am so thankful to God for allowing me to have insurance. I sure have made use of it!
I am working on clearing out the spare bedroom of all of the junk. I am tossing stuff and getting ready to garage sale stuff or donate stuff. I just do not really care to have a garage sale for the most part. Yes I might make $100 for two days of work but it is easier and faster to donate it.
Hey how do you like my bathroom? I changed it to flamingos and did it for very little cost. I have added a few new touches to it and will take pictures to show off how cute it is. I love to sit in my bathroom and just enjoy how cute it is. I know how weird right? I mean this is definitely a girls bathroom. To think this all happened because I bought a fluffy pink bath rug at Walmart on clearance.

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