Friday, June 10, 2011

Major Depression Here

I love shoes I am a shoe a holic. i went to my food doctor today and was told I have to wear real shoes. Heels are OK for a short time like church and such but I am to wear good arched shoes all day!!! OK I am always barefoot or in flip flops and the like. I have a ton a fun summer shoes and was getting a pedi next week to show of my toes. now they shall be covered in socks and shoes. I am so depressed.
I mean look at how cute my shoes are. I have sparkles and I have some brown heels that rock. I even have adorable shiny red shoes. Now they have to be worn sparingly. I have every right to be depressed right?
The good news is that if I follow the doctors orders my feet will get better and my arches will be good as new. Then I get to wear my shoes again when I want to!
I had to get cortisone shots in each foot as well today. Yea not one of my better days for fun huh?

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