Monday, June 20, 2011

Angry Birds I Mean Husband

Yea i think my husband is a jerk most days lately. OK I do not think that for real I know he is a jerk most days! I am not sure why he is angry all the time it seems. Well I mean I know but it is stupid stuff that gets him going and going and going.
Heck he is the Angry Energizer Bunny! 
J is the rolling stone that gathers moss.
Yes I am ranting today. I am cleaning up a mess that was made here by someone else that is not me. Oh well it is funny that someone throwing a fit did not hurt my feelings but helped me get weeds pulled! Tossing my new plants was a childish thing to do but that is OK they are planted in the back and happy now.
just wanted to post a few words before I go out and do more planting!

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  1. Sorry that you are having a rough time with J right now Daphne. Prayers and hugs for you!