Friday, June 17, 2011

I feel so alone with my rainbows

I wonder if anyone is reading my blogs any more. It is OK if I am writing for myself being as I blog for my own entertainment to start with.
I feel as if I have lost most of my friends online and off line. I do not have young kids, I do not drink or smoke, I do not party, I do not cyber, I am just me. I can feel myself pulling away from friends as we drift apart more and more. I just do not seem to have much in common with most people now days. I could easily live alone with cats and dogs and books and be happy.
I love watching Swamp People. I adore that Cajun accent they have. I want to try gator one day soon. I guess I will have to look online unless my friend Shawn sends me some! *hint, hint*. Oh yea and some beignet mix as well.
I love the rainbows here in Orting. I was outside yesterday and had the most fabulous time with the rain, sun and rainbows! Getting the double one was a blast.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Daphne! I know how you feel. I haven't been able to post on many of my friend's blogs because Blogger is acting really screwy with me right now. I feel like I've been abandoned by a lot of my readers, too. Hopefully, I can get it fixed and start being more active on everyone else's blogs.

    I gave you an award on my blog today, but I couldn't add a link because Blogger hates me.


  2. I read ya girly!-impy