Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Mouth Speaks Before My Brain

Yes this is something I have to really work on. i say things before thinking about what I am saying. I even type things before my brain can process what I have said. I have always been this way even when I was in junior high. I just blurt out things that amuse me. Most of the time it is funny and people laugh but I have had a sharp tongue a few times for which I am so sorry for.
It is so true that the tongue is a double edged sword. With the help of Paxil and with age I am able to hold my tongue so much better now days. Some people might say I am allowing others to walk all over me, how ever I see it as silence is golden and can say much more then words can. Have you ever tried to argue with a person who wont speak to you? It does take two to argue for it to be an argument.
I also am working on my smart ass remarks. This is something I have been known for. Yes I am a quick thinker when it comes to silly comments but some days I feel like that is all I do. It can be fun going back and forth with a person but I want to be known for more then a quirky personality.
Now I admit some times my comments are just to funny to not pop off. I have no idea why my brain works like this. my mouth opens and out comes my words just tumbling out like a prison break. I had a very funny comment to say to  hubby with his grouchiness today but i held my tongue and kept my lips zipped. He would not of found my comment funny even though it truly was at the time.
I think I am going to start carrying around a note pad to jot my funny thoughts down, or maybe I will use my record button on the cell.
Yes I am a bit off my rocker but that is why I love to write and read. it lets my brain explore different areas so I don't spontaneously combust!

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