Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today was close to 100

I was full of good intentions today but the weather just kind of made me say uh no way am I shopping today. Out in Puyallup it was hovering close to 100 degrees. I had to take Megan in for blood work or I would of stayed home all day in the air conditioned house.
I get up and end up going back to sleep. I was not feeling good last night and had potty issues. So my getting up and out the door by 9 kind of went by the way side. I am out the door with Rena, Megan by 11:30.
We go to Good Samaritan Hospital to get her blood draw. I heard them make a comment about needing a lot of blood for the extra testing and they said they had enough. I ended up getting a call at around 3:30 that they need to draw more blood for her Lamictal levels that they didn't get enough blood after all.
OK first of all it is a 20 minute drive to go to the lab. It is going to be 103 tomorrow. Megan hates the heat. Why could they of not got enough blood the first time? I mean they have the orders there take some extra if you have any doubts.
I am trying to not spend money on gas as much as possible. I got gas 5 weeks ago! That shows how little I have been driving around wasting money. Now I have to make another trip to Puyallup with the horrible heat.
I have really been watching how I spend my money. Garage sales have not even held my interest this summer. *gasp* I have not had Starbucks in two weeks I believe. I used to buy a Iced Viente Carmel Macchito every other day! In some ways not having the money to waste has been a blessing. It has definitely been better for my health and weight!
I admit it that I am not used to having to think over do I really want that? Do I really need that? I wanted my Starbucks today so badly but then I was thinking. It cost me $3.89 for the drink or I can treat Megan and get a Little Caesar's Pizza for $5.00. The pizza won out and Megan ate a lot of it!
I am feeling guilty though. I stopped by the fruit stand and bought a 6 pack of raspberries. I ate them all! I ate $10.95 worth of raspberries. Did you know I am addicted to them? I mean geesh how did I eat that many?
I have a new series of books I am reading. It is the Yadda Yadda series. They are Christian based and so uplifting. The one I just finished up reading had me in tears a few time. It is called The Yadda Yaddas get Tough. It dealt with racial issues and the one scene just broke my heart. I was balling like a baby. The ending had me in tears as well. Oh and it kept me reading until 2AM. This is another series that once I start to read I can not put down. I have watched so much less TV now.
How I pity those that do not know the joy of reading. I love to read. I have always loved reading. I went through the Nancy Drew series as a young teen, through The Hardy Boys as well. I adored Little Women especially Jo.
I think I am going to start keeping track of what all I read. It is honestly like an addiction for me. I want to read the book from start to finish in one setting. So what if dinner needs to be made? So what if the dog needs to go out? I have to read the next page! :)
So good night until tomorrow I am off to read another Yadda Yadda story!

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