Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Admit it you love this picture that I borrowed from another blogger. It is perfect for me being as hubby calls me Duck! I would love one of these in my front yard! How cool would that be?
Robert has had issues again today. He was cussing me up and down and yelling at me. All I did was ask him to take care of the dishes which is his chore. I ended up at 3 PM doing them and it took less then 5 minutes to do. So now he will not be going to explorers tonight and he is to be in by 8 PM each night. I am also making dessert and he will not be allowed any tonight being as he has not *earned* the priviledge of it.
As you can see the computer desk is still in the living room. I will not back down on this argument at all. The computer was bought for school work not for surfing the net looking at porn and down loading music. Oh and with the computer in the main room he can not blast the music either. I wonder how long it will take for Robert to realize I am the one in control?
He has not got the mouse back yet being as he *password locked* the computer. He said I was on the computer and I had not been on it is the funny thing. He was mad also saying I was down loading stuff on his computer and I wasn't. He is the one that was down loading programs and such and refused to down load school work programs. He also had no problem letting his girlfriend go on that computer and down loadc programs that she wanted. Yet he had a hissy fit when I checked mine and hubbies emails? The kid is stupid to keep messing with me!

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