Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hello my Internet friends! It was a lovely Sunday here once again. I was up and ready to go to Sunday school but got side tracked by hubby having leg cramps. I was giving him a back rub and leg rubs and did not get into the shower until it was to late to go. We did make it to the regular service and I was in the nursery. I just had one baby today but she is a spit fire! I really miss being around babies like I used to be.
I got a final Secret Prayer Sister gift from Miss Judy today. It was so full of wonderful gifts and had a sweet card to go with it. There was 2 body washes from AVON, a hand lotion from Arborne, a box of Whitman's chocolates, and 2 Christian books. One by Joyce Mayer and one about a girl that was aborted by her 17 year old mom yet miracle of miracles she lived! She not only lived but lived to tell the story and to share Gods love.

OK this is a game I have for sale on Craigslist for $10.00. It is new and sealed in the factory plastic stuff and even has the price tag on it. I have a lady interested in it that I need to call back. However now I am wondering what to do. I did some research on it and this game in the new packaging is on EBay and other sites for higher amounts. I am talking over $150.00! So do I try and EBay it or just take my $10.00? I think if I knew the lady was going to play it I could sell it so much easier then if she is going to Ebay it and make some fast cash. *Sigh* So my amazing friends what should I do?
This is the propane BBQ that I sold tonight for $15.00. I had to keep dropping the price being as I just wanted it gone and I was tired of no shows. The guy got a good deal on it being as they sell for around $50.00 or more new. I didn't even bother to clean it up I mean they got a good deal! I got money to buy groceries! A win win situation don't you agree?
Jason fixed the air conditioner unit in my bedroom today for me. It was caked up with dust and he cleaned it out and got it to work again. I am actually sitting here thinking I am way to cold! It is nice having that work again my bedroom was way to warm for me to sleep well and now I can use my blanket and slumber like a baby.
I did not get much on my list done yesterday. I ended up getting into putting all the pictures back up on the walls. I am so happy to walk around my house and see the kids pictures again. Not just the kids but family pictures of everyone. My house is a home again.I have about 15 more frames that I need to put pictures in and I will work on that this week. I wrote my Thank You to Miss Judy today and will mail it to her tomorrow.
My Monday list is:
1. Sweep and mop Kitchen
2. Clean bathroom
3. Make spaghetti for dinner
4. Make a list of pantry foods
5. Do a load of laundry
My weekly goal is:
1. Have Megan's room all finished with the decorations
2. Re-list Craigslist stuff when it expires
3. Walk 30 minutes a day with Mali
4. Buy a few plants for my planters

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