Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I hope this works today being as yesterday I blogged and it was gone buh bye! Well 360 is all gone now how sad I miss it already.

I am so happy I found my restore disc for the computer. I forgot what a PIA it is to restore everything from the start. Having to remember passwords and such. I know I should have them written down but I didn't.

OK the behavior part of my blog. At the meeting a week ago for Robert he was told he has to get counseling from the clinic there and he has to write a letter of apology to the home owner where he broke in. That was it. Well the form for the letter is still sitting in my van. I am not going to remind him to write it. He wants to be a grown up he can handle his own consequences.

I have the computer in the living room still. It will never be in his room again. I have the cable box out of his room as well. I am going to have hubby attach it to his TV in the spare room. It is a privilege to have the extra channels not a right.

OK I just read Janet Evanovich's The Grand Finale. It was one of those quick reads, I love her books! I have I think about 6 books of hers ready to be picked up at the library tomorrow. Two are her latest books even!

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