Monday, July 27, 2009


Megan just had another seizure. Her poor body is going through so much lately it seems. She ha a seizure Sunday when she was laying down for a nap with me. She had a seizure on Saturday when I was alone with her. Friday she had a seizure as well when Rena was here with us. These are all over 3 minutes and her lips turn blue. She gets so very weak it is sad.
I called her Neurologist and I got a call back within 2 hours! She is ordering full blood work for tomorrow. The results will take about a week to get back but at least it will be done.
On to other news. I went to Safeway today to get a couple of things I needed. I ended up buying 5 12 packs of soda *2 diet Squirt, 2 diet A&W Root beer and 1 diet Cherry 7UP*, a head of lettuce, 3 pounds of cherries, an 8 ounce block of Kraft sharp cheddar, a Sunday paper, and an 18 count carton of eggs. After paying .93 cents tax I paid $18.03 total! I got a rain check for the Ritz crackers that are on for $1.88 and I have $1.00 off making them .88 cents and when I buy them I have another coupon for a free box of Wheat Thins! Tomorrow I will be going to Albertsons after doing the blood work for some more of my bargains.

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  1. I'm so sorry about Megan. I hope she's doing better now. You mentioned someone named Rena. Is that a friend or relative? It's not a name you hear everyday. Well, I do ... ;)