Monday, July 20, 2009


I adore this picture of Megan. Each time I see it I think she is driving my van. She hates having the belt buckle go across her chest and she is always trying to take it off. She usually ends up slipping the upper part behind her head. I have not yet figured out a way to keep it where it belongs on her. I can't remember where we were when I took this picture but look how nice and green the grass is and it is summer! I believe that it might be from the parking lot at Church but I can not be sure.
I love this picture of Megan and her Daddy here. It was taken at Grandmas house in April. She was having a giggle fest and was making me laugh so hard. Daddy wanted to cuddle her and she was having more fun laughing and giggling and yelling. She would smile at Daddy and then give him a kiss and then headbutt. Each time she did the headbutt she would burst into giggles all over again.

Megan usually does not laugh so when she does I like to get it on the camera. As soon as she sees the camera she usually gets quiet and wont look at the camera keeping her head turned. This is just the perfect picture to me. I mean what a little cuddle bug she can be!

Here is a fun one of Megan with her attitude going full force! She so did not want me to take her picture that day. I mean can you tell how irritated she is with me? I like that she has enough attitude still. Oh and those are the best pajamas ever! They are one piece but not to warm that she swelters. I have socks to match these pajamas even. Now who wants a hug?

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