Friday, July 24, 2009

Ladies Night Out at Church

Tonight was my ladies night out at Church. I had an absolute lovely time! The theme for this night out was centered around Joy. I was chosen to read a short story about Abraham and Sarah. Abraham was 100 years old and his beautiful wife Sarah was 90 when God said he was going to bless them with a child. A year later Sarah gave birth to Isaac. Can you imagine being 90 and having a baby?

We were served dinner by some of the teen boys with a couple of the wonderful husbands blessing us with the dishing it all up. We had spaghetti, salad and garlic bread. Our beverage was tea or lemonade, for dessert it was sherbet with fresh raspberries. I was a wonderful dinner and I loved it!

All of us ladies were given a gift of a bite sized Almond Joy as a small gift and then a sweeter gift of a hand made necklace. It is a satin cord with a small silver charm holder with three small charms. One charm says Joy, one says Love and the other says Hope. It is a simple gift but so beautiful.

There were door prizes of an Almond JOY bar and some small plaques and the final two prizes were lol bottles of JOY! It was such a fun night and one I wish I could of shared with all of my friends here in internet land.

Tomorrow hubby is working a side job and taking Robert with him. Praise the Lord! I am having such a hard time dealing with that child. It will be nice just having it be Megan and I for a change. I love having help with Megan but it is hard having someone here every day from 9 to 6 basically. I appreciate the help and I do need it but it is sweet to be able to run around my house in a tank top and short pj bottoms if I want to. I also can take a nap if I want to and not feel like I am being lazy being as the help is here.

I am going to go back to making my list of what I need to do for the day and for the week. Before when I blogged my list I seemed to get most of it done. Maybe it was being held accountable through cyberland. So tonight I start my list!

List for Saturday:

Check Spelling

1. Clean my bathroom

2. Sweep & mop the kitchen floor

3. Wipe down the counters in kitchen

4. Hang up one box of pictures

5. Take Megan for a walk around the neighborhood

6. Make a list of food in the pantry

7. Write a thank you to Miss Abbey for being my secret prayer sister

8. Go to the library

9. Try a new recipe

10. Write in my Prayer journal before going to bed
Oh the picture is of a Nativity set I am trying to sell on Craigslist. I have a Home Interiors set that I already use. This is a huge set with the figurines being about 12" for the tallest one. It is also a shinny finish and I prefer my bisque finish. I just wanted to share part of what I am selling!

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  1. Beautiful nativity set! I collect nativity sets, but usually only the inexpensive ones. :)