Saturday, May 22, 2010


There was visitation today for the boys and their mom. It is just so weird to me to have had Zekiah now for what a month? I would have a hard time knowing my child was so close to me and yet I was not allowed to see him unless it was with supervision and at certain times. I hope the family is reunited soon and life here gets back to semi normal.
I am going to have Mathias and his mom bake brownies tomorrow. He loves to bake and it gives them something fun to do together. I know it is not my job to figure out stuff to make a visit go smoothly but I want the best time for the boys. Zekiah was teasing today and asking him Mom if we could all run away to Oregon and change our names. He then was asking her if she would spend the night with him. How sweet is that? I was told by CPS and CASA that he was getting sick and throwing up and having major headaches after the visits with his mom. I suggested that maybe it was that he was leaving his mom and going back to the grandparents house. They did not seem to want to believe me that 2 months ago he was fine at the visits here when he stayed the night. Guess what he has been fine after all the visits with her here this last month and he ask when he gets to see her and he wants to go to her house and see her. That is such a good sign! AMEN!
Hey guess what? Christmas is in just over 7 months! I love the CHristmas season and how happy people are. I love the reason for the season and the music and oh yea just all of it! Merry CHristmas 7 months early!
Love ya all, XOXOXO Daphne

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  1. Sounds good Daphne that Mathias is adjusting well. I also would have a hard time as a mother knowing that I couldn't see my children unless supervised. It would be terrible and kill me just about every second of my life without them.