Monday, May 17, 2010

Mail Call!

OK what was in your mailbox today? I know other then junk mail and bills? I am talking freebies here people!
Today my mailbox brought me my professional sample of NeilMed Sinus Rinse. I sure needed this last week but hey it will be handy again soon with all the cottonwood flying around outside.
I also got my coupon from Kraft First Taste for my free package of Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon up to $4.00 and an additional coupon to save $1.50 off a package of Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon. I am hoping that this turkey bacon will taste better then the last turkey bacon I bought.
I just finished up another book that I bought at Dollar Tree. It was about so many different things! It was a romance book with a mystery in it, before cars were really the norm, horse drawn carriages were the norm and the telephone was a bit of a pain. OK now the phone is still a pain lol some things never change! Part of the book takes place in Egypt at a dig to discover a tomb. It was so interesting to hear the outfits described and hearing people addressed as Lord and Lady. People did not marry *below* their class, etc. The book is called Reckless and it is by Shannon Drake. I will say it once again.... I love Dollar Tree for the books I get there!


  1. Daph, I bought turkey bacon from Butterball..pretty good! :-)

  2. Sounds like you got some goodies in the mail. All I got yesterday was a new debt card. Not really exciting for me. You have to have money IN the bank to use those, right? ;)

    The book sounds great. I don't get to our dollar store much these days. My husband hates those places, but I love them. I'll have to check them out for books. I usually find lots of book treasures at the Salvation Army too. Can't beat a book for a dime or quarter!

  3. Daphne I got a new book in the mail today for free! I get it for free because after I read it I will write a review on my blog for it.