Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Friend + Enemy + Frenemy?

I am not sure if some people are friends or enemies. I guess that being I am not sure of their loyalty, honesty, trustworthiness, etc. that they might be in the frenemy group. I seem to have acquired a few of these. To be honest I have done nothing to these people but be honest, trustworthy, loyal, etc. If I am your friend I am your friend. I will do anything that you need of me that I am able to do. Even when you show your *evil* side I still will be your friend. I will be your friend until you mess with my family. Push me to far and I will be your worst nightmare. I have a memory that remember weird things that I am told. Things some may not ant repeated. Not a threat just a thought I needed to think out loud. :)
Megan is doing better right now. I am thankful she is doing better. I was worn out from the one bad night of seizures. It is still taking its toll on me. I want to sleep and sleep and sleep. I have been worried about Megan and found out yesterday around noon that a friend passed away. Tom is Jo's husband, she is the lady that comes to dinner at my house on Thursdays. I adore this lady she is like my sister now. I was heart broken when I got the call. I could feel her pain and wanted to hug her and make it all better for her. I know Tom is in heaven and is whole, is not in pain, is dancing with joy. Yet there is part of me that misses him and his life with Jo.
I had my first home visit with the CPS caseworker today. It went just fine just like I knew it would. I have been through this with Robert with his behaviors so I don't freak out like I used to. Paxil is a blessing that I love. :) Both of the boys know that when they push me to far they do get a lot of chores. Boys bathroom was cleaned by Zekiah as well as the kitchen floor being swept. Robert has the dishwasher unloading this week as well as getting to vacuum the house. They both know if they whine they get added chores. Oh and Robert gets to load up the inside garbage and Zekiah was in charge of picking up the trash from outside that the dog got into.
I was able to get in on the free Tropicana coupon today through face book and Tropicana points. I got a few other free face book offers as well. I love how companies are now offering freebies to join their site. Oh yea some popchips yesterday or the day before as well.
Oh I will blog later off to check out the site for the clearance sale!

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