Saturday, May 22, 2010

I am whooped :)

This is from the nursery at church when I caught two of my little cuties sneaking peaks through the window! I thought it was just to funny.

I am whooped today and ready to go read in bed. I woke up an hour early being as my clock was moved forward an hour some how. I meant to get up at 7:30 but was up at 6:30 and was 7:15 before I realised the time mess up.
I had a DDD parent provider class today in Tacoma at 9AM that lasted until 4:30. The class was very informative and I learnt a lot. It was not about caring for your child as much as being a provider and learning more how to access the services available to you and your kid to the fullest extint. There was a lot covered and a lot I plan to start working on come Monday.
OK this is Friday night when class is out. I hit the Freeway I-5 at 4:45 on a dang Friday! Need I say much more? I am just thankful it was not a class in Seattle today after the first bit of traffic I was able to get off at the Puyallup exit and cruise on home.
Oh yea wait I was also getting calls and text about the FAST intake counselors coming tonight at 5. OK I finally got a call at 4:45 on my way home saying they can come out and meet with Zekiah and me and his mom. Hmmm yea OK but hmmm I am still in traffic, need to relax a few moments and have to start dinner!
I rush home, yell at the kids to pick up their dang messes, yell at the kids about a sink full of dishes, *the dishes were all Megan's the whole sink full of dirty dishes* lol yea right sure. Loaded up the dishwasher and started my quick dinner of fries and hamburgers.
At 6:00 Zekiahs mom shows up with her hubby Jason and the first FAST counselor shows up at same time, 5 minutes later Dave the other FAST counselor is here. House full of hungry kids, teenagers, monsters! Get them all eating while talking to all 4 adults, finding chairs, etc. Yippie meeting is over at 7:30! Now do I get to eat dinner?
Oh forgot to add that while I was gone that Dan called to see if Mathias can camp out at my house tomorrow night being as he has plans. OK I am giving up every other weekend for visitations because I am nice and feel the boys and the mom need a safe place to visit where they are comfy and not have a stranger breathing down their necks. 6 hours Saturday and Sunday every other week. Now the dad of the youngest boy wants to go party and have me watch his kid all dang weekend basically? I am not paid for any of this I do it because I feel God wants me to. I do it because I love the boys to pieces and feel I can be good in their lives. I do not like being taken advantage of and I would love a weekend with no kids and get to go *party* all weekend yet I am watching the oldest boy as if he is mine and the dad wants to dump the youngest on me to? It is just for the night and not really a big deal and I feel the boys need the time together with no dad, step dad, mom, papa, nana, case worker, etc. I most likely will do it for the boys not for the dad, not for the mom but being as I feel the boys need time together. I guess I am not sure what I am saying. Most likely I will have both boys at church on Sunday!
OK xoxoxo off to bed!

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