Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sinus Infection

I am suffering with a sinus infection now. I will go to the Doctor's tomorrow if it is not any better by then. My whole face is in pain even my gums are hurting today. I do not like being sick!
I am working on getting Kia into school. It is going to be a huge fight and I am not able to make all sides happy so I am doing what I need to do for me. I need my alone time and Kia needs to be in school.
I need to get back onto a regular schedule. I need to finish up a few things that have gone to the wayside here. I need my life back in order and my family happy and healthy. I need to get Megans seizures back under control.
I received my final payment from my grammas estate. What a blessing it was to receive but I would rather have my gramma back with me. I no longer have my dad, any grammas or any grandpas with me. They are in heaven and happy I know that but I sure do miss them.
It is so weird how as the world goes on it seems families move apart more and more. I have not seen my cousins in years and then it has just been for funerals and the like. I miss having family reunions and playing with everyone. If we have a reunion now I will be one of the old farts that sits and talks with the other old farts I will no longer be a kid that is carefree running all over the park, poking at ant hills, jumping in the river, tossing water balloons, etc.
When I was a kid I got to see my cousins at least once a year for a few days at a time. Now days I could live next door to one and not even know we were related. How is it that when I was a kid we all knew each other and now that we are adults when we could go see each other we have drifted so far apart? It is so sad and lately has been haunting me. My son Tony does not know the family on my side for the most part and my husband and his kids have no idea who anyone on my side is. My Gray family never got to meet most of my relatives before they passed on.
I guess I am just a bit melencoly today. :(

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