Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Am Alone!!!!!!!

Woohoo I am finally alone at the house! No husband off work on an LNI claim, no kids home sick or in trouble or well you get the picture. It is quiet, I am alone, I am happy. It is weird as much as I love to be around people I love to be alone. I like the quietness, the stillness, the privacy, the aloneness.
I am going to make a list of stuff to do today and mark them off as I get them done. That is the only way I seem to be able to finish anyting is if it is on my list. I will be bloging each day at least once. Blogging for me is fun and a release of pent up emotions the good and the bad.                                                                                                       
These are the last 2 dresses I bought for Megan. I love how girly they are. Yes I know the socks do not match the dresses but her feet were cold and I just wanted to make sure the dresses fit. I was a bit irriated at her PCA who thinks she knows everything and needs to comment on it. She said the dresses were cute but were a but high wasited. OK I do not care if that is true or not the dresses are adoreable on Megan and were affordable. Why bring a negative coment ito the conversation when I am so happy to have something for Megan that is this cute and adoreable?
I am also working on my freebies again and filling out the forms for my freebies. I have re started again on my coupons and have to cut and files this weeks coupons and file the last 2 weeks of coupons. I have been slacking. I am also getting back into my sample sites where I get products to try for free and blog about them or talk about them or however the company sees fit. Oh and back to filling out applications for House Party!
I am still using Lista for my free shopping! I love Lista and have gotten some really nice things so far. I have also spent a bit on shopping but it sill comes out cheaper in the end and it is fun. I have never seen the flamingo charm that I won so stuff like that is fun. I also won 2 games for the new Wii so that was a great deal, and I won a pair of American Eagle sandles last night.
OK going to go make a list and get my morning moving! XOXOXO

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  1. Daphne I thought you were alone and sad! I'm glad that you are alone and happy! I also love my alone time and I desperately need it. Those dresses for Megan are cute!