Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Migraine and Dental Cleaning

I had a dental cleaning this morning at Brite Now Dental, They are really nice here and very friendly. I went to the Puyallup office being as the dental insurance changed recently. I was waiting to be checked out when an older lady asked me if I was new there and what I thought. I told her that they were great and that Brite Now was actually cheaper then what the other dentist offices were that the charges were less then what we had paid with the other office and insurance. I told her she would like them I hoped and wished her a good day and visit! I felt like I was doing a blog review for her! :)
I went to Goodwill and bought a flip flop charm for 99 cents and almost bought a patio set for $79 but the seats were not that comfy so I passed. I would rather pay more for a set that I will like to sit at.
I had printed off my coupon for my free Cherry Limeade drink at Tacobell and was happy with how yummy it was! I recommend this drink to all of you! Go to and in the lower left hand corner there is a link to get the coupon. I was able to print off two free drink coupons!
Dollar Tree was my last stop. I bought a lot of stuff for Megan's graduation party next month. I am going to do a tropical theme for her with lots of flamingo stuff. *Heh heh heh* I also bought me a new book that I will start to read in the next day or two.
Oh yes the migraine part of my title. I got home and was not feeling that great. Around 2:30 ish when Rena got here for Megan I saw Megan and then went to take a nap. My head was pounding by this time and making a coherent sentence was impossible. I was supposed to take Zekiah to get his stitches out but there was no way I could drive and now way I could of even talked to the Dr. to say what I needed. We will do that tomorrow when he gets home.
Love to all of you! Daphne

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  1. I hate migraines. I have one threatening me today.