Monday, January 4, 2010

Kellogs Pop-Tarts Wild! Grape

I received a sample of this today to try. Lets just say that I tried it and did not share with the kids or hubby! These totally rock! I am not usually a big fan of Pop Tarts but I decided to try these.
To start off with look how cute they are. I mean they are purple! Ok well they have purple frosting and lime green squiggles. How adorable can that be? The inside is a delicious grape that boarders on so sweet as to be a dessert. It was just what this mama was craving without knowing she was craving it.
I will be looking for these in stores and I honestly hope that they arrive soon being as I really want more to *sample*. :) I would give these a 5 star rating for a nice fast and delicious treat for the kids or for us moms and dads!
I have to add that I was given a free sample to try as *payment* for my honest opinion.

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