Thursday, January 7, 2010

Copon Items

Today I went to Fred Meyer * I spelt it Dred Meyer just now lol!* today with my coupons and my list of what was on sale that I needed/wanted.
They have the Fresh Express Salad Kits on sale for $5/$5.00. I bought 12 of these kits being as I love them. I will eat a whole kit as a meal. I ended up buying Salsa, Asian, and BLT. I bought 12 kits in all. Hey it is a cheap way to get salad down the family! OK took a break and my family and I just had one of each salad for dinner! Hubby and Robert liked BLT the best, I love the Salsa one the best. Dinner for the three of us was a whole $3.00! Talk about cheap eats.
I bought 10 cans of dark red kidney beans on sale 2/$1.00. I use these when I make chili. I just make sure to rinse them before putting into my crock pot. I also make a kidney bean salad with these that is just a red onion and mayonaise along with 2 cans of beans.
Mushrooms were on sale today in the 8 ounce package 2/$3.00 so I bought 2 packages of these. There are so many ways to use these!
I bought 6 jars of peanut butter, along with 4 jars of different flavors of jams on sale 10/$10.00.
I also found a great coupon item! The La Victoria Salsa was on sale
2/$4.00 and I had four coupons for $4.00/2. I was able to buy eight jars of salsa for free! The cashier was not happy about me getting them for free and even called her manager over to ask if it was allowed. Yes it is allowed *duh*.
Oh and to make the deal even better I had a coupon from my Fred Meyer Awards to save an additional $3.00 off a purchase.
I will post more savings tomorrow! If you have any questions just ask me I love to get others into coupon savings.

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