Wednesday, January 6, 2010

House Blessing

I love this picture of Megan and her Daddy. He was resting on the couch and she decided she wanted him to go to bed with her. She kept this up fr about 5 minutes untilhe finally caved in and tucked her in. This is her new habit that is to funny. She will grab Jason or me and try to make us go lay down with her. She has even decided that she loves my bed now and wants to sleep on my side of the bed. Poor Jason has been kicked out of our room and I now share it with Megan lol!
I finally have all of the Christmas decorations boxed up and waiting to be placed back under the house for a year. I bought a Christmas tree storeage bag at Joanns for 50% off yesterday. My old box for the tree has been taped and taped and taped. I hope that the bag will make it easier to get the tree in and out of the crawl space.
I worked on my bathroom today while Megan sat in a bubble bath watching me. I moved the TV stand that I bought this summer into the bathroom into that weird empty space under the counter. I have a different stand now for the TV in case you were wondering.
I am now going to work on the pantry. I need to get all the food organized again and put back in in an orderly way.I still have all of those boxes of crackers that I bought on the 31st sitting on the counter!
I have so many things I want to do at the same time right now. I wish there was 12 of me. To be honest I would love to go take a nap for 4 hours. I found out that my allergy RX is definately working. I was not smart thinking I should go for 4 days and not take any. Today has been hard to bless my house due to the foggy head allergy feeling. Yes I am on the pills again!
I will be working on coupons and making my list today as well. I hope to go shopping on Thursday or Friday. I have a lot of free and close to free items to pick up. I will post all my deals I already got later today hopefully. I will also post the deals I pick up after I get them.

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