Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am going to start keeping track of my coupon savings each day in a new notebook. I am still aazed at what all can be got for free or darn near free. It still amaqzes me that companies will send me items to try for free just for being honest with how I liked or disliked their prodct and blogging about it.
I mean fre DVDs and free music CDs totally rock!
Sunday I went to Bath & Body Works to get the Wallflowers that were on sale. They were just $5.00 each and with a purchase of $40.00 I had coupons to save $10.00. I had 2 of the coupons so I spent $60.00 on the Wallflowers but I was able to buy 16 sets of the refills. I will go trough those in 3 months or less. I bought a variey of flavors and started using the Cinnamon and Clove ones yesterday in the kitchen an by the kitty liter box.
WHen I got home I went online to order some from the online store.  I wanted Peppermint Twist *which is sold strictly online* and Kitchen Lemon. My local Bath & Body Works sadly does not sell that one. I bought 5 of the Peppermint Twist and 3 of te Kitchen Lemon sets. It was $40 again but I took off $10 on the site and withusing Ebates I gt 4% csh back for going throgh them!
Today I made some great deals.  I will just tell you about the first two deals from Walmart. They have their Christmas stuff for 75% off! OK yo know me nd my deals!

I bought 10 sets of Rubber Maid Take Alongs. This is a set of 2 large rectangles in th 1 gallon size. They have a lime green lid. There was also a bonus of a 1 cup twist & seal with a red lid. They were originally $3.50 but were on clearance for .75 cents! Now if I leave these places I am not worried bout not getting them back. This is not the exact set I bought but at least you can tell what I did get. Mine as I said have lime green lids and the bonus twist & seal.

I then bought 12 sets of Old Spice Classic Collection gift sets. Each set has a 2.5 oz cologne and a 2.25 oz deodorant. These were originally $5.00 each. I had 7 coupons for $1.00 off the purchase of any 2 Old Spice products. I found the extra coupon at the last minute and just tossed it in to see if it worked. It did! I paid in the end $15.00 for 12 gift sets, minus coupons for $7.00. Bringing my cost down to $8.00 for 12 gift sets! Now tell me that does not totally rock your socks off! I love the smell of this deodorant on Jason. He smells so sexy with it on!

I did splurge and buy a Lighthouse for my collection on clearance for $5.00 normally $20.00, and I bought Tony a bag of candy kisses that he loves for $1.25 on clearance.

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